Monday, May 15, 2017

Richard Rothstein Perpetuates the Same Old Myths about Housing Segregation to Prop Up White Guilt

Ideas like this still proliferate because of the sacralization of the black slavery narrative and Civil Rights Movement, with MLK promoted as some kind of god. Now, it's true that blacks were slaves in the US. And it's true that there was racial discrimination against them(as well as other races). Due to sympathy for blacks, there has been a sacralization of them with MLK cult and other efforts to portray blacks as a holy people full of tragic wisdom. So, blacks cannot be blamed for anything. And we can't be too critical of blacks and realities that they cause. So, we are to see them always as sacred holy victims. Whatever is wrong with blacks is the fault of 'racism' by whites or by government. 
But such sacralization is dangerous because it overlooks the dark side of a people. We have this problem with Jews too. Because they've been sacralized, we overlook their oppression of Palestinians, financial robbery(especially in Russia in the 90s), their Zionist-globalist war-mongering that destroyed so many lives in the Middle East, and etc.
There are good Jews, but there are also bad Jews. There is positive Jewish influence but also negative Jewish influence. But if we portray Jews as eternal sacred Holocaust People, we overlook the OTHER side of Jewishness, such as Jewish role in the communist holocaust that destroyed millions of Slavic lives in the USSR. 

We also overlook the fact that Jews were instrumental in passing atomic secrets to mass killer Stalin. We also overlook the fact that Israel passed atomic secrets to its closest ally, Apartheid-ruled South Africa. And we overlook the fact that Israel now enforces apartheid in the West Bank. We also overlook the fact that Jewish-globalist-imperialist power is like the New Nazism as these Wars for Israel has led to WWII-level destruction in the Muslim World. Indeed, Jewish power has grown utterly cancerous: Thomas Friedman urges the US to use ISIS against secular modernizer Assad(who protects Arab Christians). Also, because Jews hate Syria(as ally of Iran and Russia), they've steered US foreign policy toward even support of Alqaeda(the people who did 9/11) in Syria. Also, Jews hate Russia so much that they've even recruited Neo-Nazis in regime change in Ukraine. 

Sacralizing a people is dangerous and stupid.  That Jews suffered historical tragedy is very true, but that doesn't mean Jews are eternally holy or were always innocent victims through history. Same goes for Russians and Chinese. They suffered horribly in wars and aggression against them. Napoleon and Hitler's invasions of Russia killed millions. Millions of Chinese were killed by imperialism, civil war, Japanese invasion, and Maoism. But that doesn't mean Chinese are saints or always innocent. We can sympathize with Chinese and Russian victims, but we must not sacralize them. When we sacralize a people, we must always speak of them as if they're innocent and pure and holy. We must blame all their problems on others. This is very dangerous. 

Now, it's true that blacks were targeted for discrimination in the past. The government has a long history of favoring whites over blacks. But since the 60s, the government also came up with many policies favoring blacks over whites(and other non-blacks), especially in 'affirmative action'. Also, we need to keep in mind that, even as second-class citizens in the US, blacks were better off than most people around the world. It was better to a black in 19th century US than a Chinese and Russian in the 19th century where violence was far more common and many more died in bloodbaths. Also, we have to see things in context. It's been said that from end of Civil War to 1965, around 2,500 blacks were killed by lynching. That's over 100 yr period. In many parts of the world, millions were killed in a few yrs. In Ukraine, the Great Famine forced by Stalin and Kaganovich killed 3.5 million in couple of years.  So, the idea of treating black Americans as some great tragic figure FOR ALL TIME is rather ridiculous. Also, slavery existed in Africa for 10,000 yrs, and all the blacks were caught by blacks and sold to whites. (For some reason, African immigrants get affirmative action too, even though their ancestors captured and sold slaves.) 

Anyway, to understand the black problem, we need to apply Occam's Razor. But this is not done because PC and the sacralization of blacks. We've been programmed to see blacks as saints and angels, like in some Sidney Poitier movie or GREEN MILE where we are to believe a hulking giant black guy just wants to love a little white mouse. Also, Jews control Hollywood and give us stuff like 12 YRS A SLAVE  and GET OUT. Ironically, 12 YRS was produced by Arnon Milchan, a fanatical Zionist who fully endorses apartheid in West Bank, stole US nuclear secrets, and made deals with apartheid South Africa. So, when Jews talk about 'racism' and 'bigotry', it's always about white gentiles. Hollywood will never make a movie about Nakba. And even when it makes movies about communist evil, it never mentions the fact that the Gulag was run by Jews. 

I have a feeling that Jewish use of 'racism' issue isn't really about principles. It is really to guard Jewish supremacist power. After all, Jews see white gentiles as their main rivals in power. So, it is in the interest of Jews to paralyze white pride, unity, and power by instilling gentiles with 'white guilt'. And this anti-white hysteria is unrelenting. And I think Richard Rothstein and Rachel Cohen are really of the same ilk. After all, if indeed Jews like them are really serious about condemning all forms of racial discrimination, why don't they press Hollywood and US Media to expose Jewish crimes, Zionist terror, and Jewish abuses of power? After all, Jews do control the media. If Jews control the media and if Jews are so 'progressive', why don't they expose Jewish historical crimes, Zionist imperialism in Palestine, and Israeli apartheid in West Bank? Why do Jews only beat up on white gentiles? 

Consider the recent refugee crisis. Jews hug themselves as such compassionate and caring bunch. They say they are all for refugees. But Jews push these refugees into white gentile nations. Israel takes none. Israel stole Golan Heights from Syria, so Israel could settle some Syrian refugees there, but nope. 
Even though Jewish power & influence were most instrumental in turning the Muslim World upside down, Jews demand that OTHER people take in refugees and take care of them. Also, more crucially, Jews leave out the fact of why all those people became refugees in the first place. It was because of Jewish-run US foreign policy that has been destroying the Muslim World through sanctions, invasions, bombs, drone attacks, and aid to terrorists like ISIS via US proxies such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. So, Jews shed crocodile tears about 'refugees' but refuse to face up to the fact of how those people were forced to become refugees in the first place. People like Thomas Friedman want MORE FIGHTING in Syria because Jews like him love to see gentiles fight gentiles like gladiator warriors. Jews watch from afar like the Roman Caesar. 

So, I'm not at all convinced that people like Rothstein and Cohen are sincere in their social-consciousness. After all, NO ONE forced Jews not to integrate with blacks. There was no government law that said JEWS MUST NOT INTEGRATE WITH NEGROES. If Jews were indeed so 'progressive' and 'compassionate', they cold have chosen to stay in blackening parts of town, or they could have moved into black parts of Detroit and invested there in shops, factories, and etc. There was no law forbidding this. But Jews acted just like white gentiles: they went with white flight or Jew Flew. We live in a strange world where a  shock jock scum like Howard Stern speaks more truth than esteemed scholars and educated journalists. Stern lived the reality. He says his mother sneered at whites who fled the blackening town. She decided to stay. But as things got so bad, the Stern left too. 

Why do I trust Stern? Because I saw the same thing as a kid. I used to live in an integrated part of the city from 1975 to 1979. It had people of all races. But non-whites kept moving out, and the main reason was black violence. I once saw this Hindu man with busted nose. He was attacked by black robber who smashed his face and took his wallet. At school, there was a chubby white kid who was picked on by blacks. They beat him so bad that he stopped coming to school. Blacks beat up whites, Asians, Hispanics, and etc. Sure, there were nice blacks too, and it wasn't all violence, but when racial violence flared, it was often black on others. And when Vietnamese boat people kids arrived in late 70s, blacks fuc*ed them up real bad, especially because Viets are short and scrawny and easy targets. 

How to explain all this? Occam's Razor. The simple fact is blacks are more muscular. They got more fast-twitch muscles, stronger bones. Also, blacks are naturally more aggressive. And blacks look down other races as inferior. Black males are prone to call white males 'white boys'. It is no secret among blacks that they know they can kick non-black butt. And THAT is the main reason for the racial problem. 

The sacralization of blacks had led us to see ALL racial problems as the result of innocent blacks being wronged by 'racist' whites. As Jews control the media and academia, they push this line over and over. Even when it's obvious that blacks act crazy and violent, they are referred to as 'teens' or 'youths'. Jews push this narrative not because they really care for blacks. Again, if Jews are really so appalled by racial oppression, why do they still press on the US to send billions in aid to Israel when Israel is practicing apartheid in West Bank that it still occupies? Also, if Jews are really for atoning for historical crimes, why do Jews not face up to their role in slave trade(which Jews financed, especially in Brazil that took in 10x the number of slaves as the US), Jewish role in Confederacy, Jewish role in communism(that killed millions), Jewish role in financial rape of Russia, Jewish role in opium-trade in China that destroyed so many lives. 

When Jews talk about 'sins' and 'crimes', they always means OTHER peoples, not themselves. And the reason why Jews promote 'white guilt' in the US is to paralyze white unity, pride, and power as potential challenge to Jewish supremacist power. Also, 'white privilege' is a useful distraction to keep most people unaware that Jews are, by far, the most privileged people in America. Jews are 2% of population with control of 40% of wealth. Jews control 90% of media. Jews have dominant stake in elite academia. And Jews have steered US foreign policy to wage Wars for Israel that has led to WWII-level destruction in the Muslim World. Here is Madeline Albright, Hillary supporter, about 500,000 dead Iraqi kids: 

Just consider. From 1865 to 1965, 2500 blacks were lynched in America. That's over 100 yr period. But in several yrs in the 90s, Clinton's sanctions on Iraq killed perhaps 500,000 kids. And Clinton was totally owned by Jews. Jews were at the forefront at the War on Iraq, even to the point of using sanctions to kill half a million kids. 
And yet, Jews see fit to lecture about morality and right-and-wrong. What chutzpah! 

Also, it's no secret that Congress is totally run by Jews. AIPAC rigged it that way, and even Jewish-run New Yorker can't deny this all-too-obvious fact. 

But everybody in Congress recognizes its influence in elections, and the effect is evident. In 2011, when the Palestinians announced that they would petition the U.N. for statehood, AIPAC helped persuade four hundred and forty-six members of Congress to co-sponsor resolutions opposing the idea.
Jewish power is so corrupt that we have weasels like David Schraub arguing that the recent Israel-American 'hate-hoaxer' is also an 'anti-Semite'. Again, what chutzpah. 

Now, I'm not dismissing Rothstein's thesis outright. One can make a case for government policies that impacted certain races. It certainly impacted Japanese-Americans who were dispossessed and 'interned' during WWII. 
But the MAIN REASON why most people move out of blackening areas had to do with rising pathology, crime, thuggery, and etc. 
Blacks are often noisy and aggressive. And if you try to tell them to turn the noise down and show some civility, they act like this: 

Notice how all the black kids are laughing and cheering as a young black male slams an elderly woman into the ground and drags her to a pool. 

Also, look at this: 

I've seen blacks act like that in schools so often. 

Chinatowns historically developed as ghettos because of racial discrimination.  But it didn't lead to the kind of pathologies you see in the black community.  If anything, whites still went to Chinatown for chopsuey and moo shoo pork. So, even though racial discrimination can be blamed on separateness, it doesn't mean a community will turn into a violent crime-ridden community. Cohen says blacks do better when relocated to white-majority communities, but this only proves the fact of racial differences. After all, if whites prevented Asians from entering white communities, Asians would still do well in school on their own. They don't need whites to succeed academically. But when blacks are among themselves, they only make a mess of things. They need the guidance and model of whiteness(or Asian-ness) to do better. So, that means black culture/attitudes = failure. Blacks on their own have black culture, and it leads to degradation. For blacks to improve, they must come under influence of OTHER cultures. But if whiteness has such positive effect on blacks, why do Jews in the media demean whiteness and white culture while promoting black thug culture, black gangsta attitude, black mandingo neo-savagery, and etc?
Cohen's view of blacks is like that of animals. It's like saying "Dogs are on their own will be wild and out-of-control. They need human company for them to be tamed and orderly." She and Rothstein are implying that blacks can't do anything on their own and must leech off other groups since blackness is a problem. After all, there are communities in the US that are very Jewish or very Asian or very Hindu. But they still produce kids who do well in school and don't commit crime.

But  Jews who run the media ignore or that. Now, if a bunch of white rabble-rousers slammed the body of an elderly black lady who was asking them to tone down the noise and then tossed her into a pool, the Jew-run media would make it a national news. But the US media ignored what happened to that poor woman. I'll bet Jews like Rothstein and Cohen will accuse her of 'racism'. By asking for lower volume among the revelers, she was perpetuating the 'myth' that blacks are noisy. 

But even as Liberal Jews gripe about 'white racism', they practice it themselves in relation to blacks. Hyde Park that includes the University of Chicago is filled with Liberal Jews who pontificate about the 'evils of racism'. But how is the safety of the community maintained? Via the power of the state. There is a massive double-layer of police to watch and control the blacks. 

So, Jews SAY one thing, but DO something other for their own benefit. 

Now, some might say that black crime has to do with lower income status or poverty. But non-black poor folks are far less dangerous and aggressive. 

Blacks are more prone to be violent because they are stronger and more aggressive by nature. This FACT, and it is a fact, cannot be discussed because Jews control the media and academia. And they use PC to shut down any honest discussion of race. Also, Jews have raised SJW crazies to attack and silence anyone who brings up the fact about racial differences. (Jews own music industry and they go all out to promote the image of Black Thug Rapper as icon.) 

Indeed, would we have the same problems if whites had brought over whites, Asians, or South American Indians as slaves?  If whites had enslaved other whites, freed whites would have integrated with other whites. If whites had enslaves Asians, there might have been racial discrimination after end of slavery, but whites would not need to fear Asian crime and aggression since Asians are generally smaller than whites and not not more aggressive by nature than whites. (And even if Asians were more aggressive by nature, it wouldn't matter since they are not bigger and not stronger. So, if Asians acted nasty, whites could beat them.) The real problem isn't slavery but the fact that whites brought a stronger and more aggressive to the US.  People try to attribute black aggression and violence to slavery, but evolutionary factors for 100,000 yrs in Africa created those traits, not slavery which lasted 200 yrs. After all, Spanish Conquistadors did horrible things to natives of 'Latin America', but indigenous Mexicans are less violent than blacks. It's like a tiger is aggressive because it is a tiger. Suppose we take we take a wild tiger and put it in captivity and abuse it. Sure, we would have done wrong. And sure, the tiger would have been aggravated by our abuses. But the main reason why the tiger is dangerous is because it naturally is. Evolution in Africa made blacks more muscular and aggressive.  Tom Brokaw's special on athletics and race proves this. 

Why are all running backs black in football? Why were the best boxers of 20th century black? What does that imply for society? If blacks are better at sports, it means they are better fighters. And that means blacks know they can beat up other races. 
Also, as black culture is all about rap thuggery, it means they feel contempt for weaker races and blacks-who-try-to-act-white. Indeed, the reason why so many white Liberals love Oprah and Obama is they were Nice clean-cut Negroes. The American Narrative tells whites that they must love blacks, the sacral people. But too many Americans, even Liberal ones, see the ugly reality of black thuggery and pathology. So, they feel this complex. They want to love blacks, but blacks scare them. So, they grab onto Jewish-concocted Magic Negroes like Obama and Oprah who cleverly milk it for all it's worth.  (Needless to say, Oprah has never touched on the Nakba or Zionist oppression of Palestinians.) 

But Magic Negro is a myth. It makes for good TV, but it's not reality. 

But then, whites are in a strange situation because what they loathe most about blacks also turns them on  Whites are scared of black thuggery but also find it 'cool' and entertaining. White men are intimidated by black men with more muscle and bigger penises. White men feel sexual threat, just like Jewish women feel sexual threat of shikses who are more appealing to Jewish men.  But white men are also into 'cuckold' fetish because black superiority in sports and sex turns them on. . 

Indeed, this cuckold phenom that is the rage among white liberal/Jewish males is based on racial differences. Their thrills are based on black 'bulls' with bigger dongs humping white women.  This wasn't created by KKK or Neo-Nazis. It is a phenom that was created by Liberals. Also, porn is controlled by Democratic Jews, and Jews promote this cultural trope. It says blacks are racially-sexually superior to whites, like whites are deemed racially-sexually superior to Asian males. 

So, Jews say race is just a 'social construct' and there are no racial differences. But in all the things that Jews control --- sports, music, porn, movies, advertising --- , we see endless propaganda that points to racial hierarchy.  Jews own many NBA teams, and they are all black. Jews control sex culture, and it favors black male and white female & white male and Asian male. 

Jews control advertising and this is how they feature and promote racial-sexual differences: 

Jews say racial differences are false, but they keep promoting images that say otherwise. Jews say, "how dare you think like a racist and believe in racial differences?" but Jews show images that say, "White women, listen up and look at this. Notice how white guys are so slow, flabby, and dweeby compared to those badass muscular big-penised black men who are so superior in manhood? Go black!"  Jews are so full of shit. 

Anyway, if Jews are so noble and wonderful, then, they should LEAD THE WAY. Go to black areas and live with them. Integrate. Stop preaching. They need to start practicing what they preach. Then, if integration with blacks turn out so wonderfully for Jews, others will follow.
Jews love to portray themselves as the vanguard in 'progressive' thought. Okay, how about Jews doing what they say? It's easy to preach.  In the end, action speaks louder than words. 

So, if progressivism is about condemnation of privilege, Jews should discuss Jewish privilege that rules the US. 

If progressivism is about opposing racial oppression, then Jews must lead the way in calling for US sanctions on Israel for its apartheid policies in the West Bank.

If progressivism is about world peace as oppose to war-mongering, then Jews should urge US to make peace with Russia. And it should work with Russia and Syria to defeat ISIS and other terrorists so that order can be restored to Syria. 

If progressivism is about the laboring masses, then Jews should lead the way in opposing globalism that enriches the urban elites while hollowing out the middle class and working class. 

But in what Jews actually do, they keep increasing their own ethnic privilege, they keep pressing the US to send more aid to Israel, they steer US foreign policy to 'new cold war' with Russia, and they push globalism to further undermine working class and middle class. 

And of course, Jews push mass immigration to undermine People Power. Jews know that Diversity leads to fractured politics among the gentiles. So, as whites, blacks, browns, Muslims, and Asians bicker among among one another, Jews remain at the top as the ruling elites, along with their homo allies who serve their globalist-imperialism. 

Rothstein and Cohen are just two more of nasty, contemptuous, and self-righteous holier-than-thou Jews. Because Jews are a sacralized people, they seem to think they are moral paragons with the authority to be preaching to the rest of us. 
Well, it doesn't work on me.  While I understand Jews suffered horribly in certain times in history, I don't see any people as 'sacralized' for all eternity because of suffering at a moment in history. I mean Ukrainians suffered horribly under Stalin and Kaganovich, but that doesn't mean they are holy forever. 

So, Jews need to get down from their high horse and look in the mirror before acting like they are so holy shmoly. 

Btw, if Jews really care about blacks, why did they push for massive immigration? Just when blacks got total equality in 1964, Jews decided to push the 1965 immigration bill that made blacks compete with the Entire World.   Jews SAY one thing but DO another. 

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