Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Message to Georgetown Center for Security Services on the Richard-Spencer/Christine-Fair Incident.

This message is in response to an act of harassment and unprofessional behavior by a member of the Georgetown University. Surely, Georgetown has a code of ethics that doesn't condone such behavior among its faculty that should be committed to truth, dignity, and integrity. 

It involves an incident at a Washington DC gym where Richard Spencer was harassed by Christine Fair and then ultimately banned from the Gym EVEN THOUGH it was Fair who'd sought him out for abuse and harassment. 

I think this can be construed as a form of Jewish Supremacism, and it is intolerable and contemptible. Christine Fair has no right to act like a little girl with daddy issues stalking and harassing someone minding his own business REGARDLESS of his political or ideological leanings. 
Personally, I have no use for 'commies' or 'nazis', but I respect the civil liberties and rights of all US citizens regardless of their race, color, or creed(meaning religion, ideology, conviction, agenda).
For example, if I'm at a Gym where Zionist-supremacists, hard-line Muslims, nutty Christian fundamentalists, communist zealots, and etc are working out, I would respect their right to use the Gym as long as everyone minds his own business and leaves others alone. I may despise their political views, but a Gym is a place where people go to work out. So, in such a setting, no one should be judged on his ideology, only by his behavior. So, even if a Satan Worshiper is at the gym, I would respect his right to be there as long as he acts properly and respects my space and freedom.

But Christine Fair obviously lacks such sense of basic civility, propriety, and decency. She acts like an ideological supremacist who demands spatial-supremacism that would ban anyone she doesn't like in a public place like a Gym. She has a Nakba mentality. Just like Zionists felt it was 'just' to expel Palestinians out of Palestine, Christine Fair seems to think it is 'just' for her to harass & abuse anyone she doesn't like in a place where everyone else is minding his business. I don't know who taught her manners and decency because she has none. 

This kind of chutzpah is really ugly. It's like Alan Dershowitz, the author of a book called CHUTZPAH, pulling strings to get Norman Finkelstein dropped by Depaul University. Of late, Dershowitz has been justifying Jewish supremacism on account of Jews being so great. According to his logic, because Jews are so rich and successful, the US should favor Jewish-Zionist interests over the human rights of Palestinians. 

Such attitude is arrogant. In the US, everyone should have equal protection of the law regardless of wealth, ideology, race, or creed. Indeed, liberals have long stated that anti-communist 'hysteria' was wrong because it denied civil liberties to communists and communist-sympathizers. According to Jewish liberals, it didn't matter that communists were radicals committed to destroying democracy, capitalism, and private property. Because the US constitution guarantees and protects the right of creed, even a communist should have the same protections under the law regardless of his ideology. And for a time, the ACLU championed such principles. 
But now, we see so many Jews calling for speech controls based on ideology. Some Jews even say it's okay to PUNCH people like Spencer over politics. Of course, if a Palestinian-American said it's great to punch Zionists for 'Jewish supremacism', Jews would howl and denounce such as 'antisemitism'. But Jews say it's okay to punch anyone they don't like because... Jews know best? 
Consider the politics of boycott. At one time, Jews took moral pride in supporting boycotts against Southern Segregation and apartheid in South Africa(though, to be sure, Israel was its closest ally). But now, Jewish supremacists are pulling strings to ban the boycott of apartheid conditions in the West Bank. So, Jews are now penalizing the political right to boycott so as to serve continued Zionist imperialism in the West Bank. 
Now, if the US is truly a fair nation committed to equality, it shouldn't favor Jews over Arabs. It shouldn't favor Israel over Palestine. But the US does. It follows the logic of Dershowitz. Since Jews are richer and more powerful, the US favors Jewish supremacists over oppressed Palestinians. 

And that is why the US turns a blind eye to the suffering of Palestinians currently living under Jewish supremacist rule. Zionists continue to steal Palestinian land, and Palestinians live under Apartheid conditions, but everyone from Bush to Clinton to Bush II to Obama to Trump just sing hosannas to Israel, Israel, and Israel. 
The US also favored the Jewish supremacist Middle East policy of fighting Wars for Israel and pushing sanctions on nations hated by Israel. The results have been horrible. Consider how the Zionist Madeline Albright felt that 500,000 dead Iraqi kids were 'worth it'. She sounds like a Zionist Nazi. It's terrible. 

Also, Jewish supremacists have exerted pressure to have certain voices banned. A classic example is Jason Richwine whose studies focused on impact of immigration and relative IQ of different groups. 
He was attacked as a 'racist' by Jennifer Rubin and was fired from Heritage Foundation. Jewish supremacists like Rubin denounce what they perceive as 'racism' and 'white supremacism', but, oddly enough, they demand that the US support Zionist supremacism against Palestinians. To get an idea of how Jewish supremacists think of Palestinians, get a load of this article. It is truly noxious, odious, and toxic. 

So, there is Rubin who acted towards Richwine like Christine (un)Fair acted toward Richard Spencer. You see the same pattern. Rubin accused Richwine of 'supremacism', but she is the real supremacist who supports Zionist oppression of Palestinians and was good friends with Rachel Abrams who defamed Palestinian kids as 'devils' spawn'. 
And Christine Fair who screeches about 'nazis' is an avid and rabid support of US drone strikes against Muslim nations. Now, would Fair support such drone strikes if the US were to target IDF tanks that continue to destroy Palestinian homes and grab yet more Palestinian territory for Jewish 'settlers' who are really imperialists? Would Fair and other Jews support the US using any drone strike to protect Palestinian victims from Zionist tyranny and brutality in the West Bank or Gaza? 

It's ironic that Jewish supremacists call on the West to attack Muslim nations like Libya and Syria for 'killing innocent civilians' but then pressure the US to totally 'stand with Israel' even when Israel bombs and murders many innocents in Gaza. 
Sometimes, it almost seems as though many Jews are the real supremacists and project their supremacism onto others. 

Whether Richard Spencer and his Alt Right crew are supremacists or not, they haven't controlled US foreign policy that did so much damage to the Muslim World. If any group was most instrumental in steering US foreign policy toward resembling the Nazis in WWII, it is the Jews. Indeed, even some Jews in Israel are bemoaning the dark side of Jewish supremacism and what is doing to the world: 

Alt Right may or may not be an assembly of idiots and morons, but they have no power in CIA, NSA, FBI, Hollywood, Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and etc.  Alt Right is not spying on all of us. NSA is doing that. Alt Right didn't fleece the world economy. Wall Street did that with the help of Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs. Alt Right is not robbing Americans with the opiate of gambling. Las Vegas tycoons like Sheldon Adelson do that. Sheldon also calls for nuking of Iran. He supported Trump who recently sold 100s of billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the sponsor of terrorism(but it's okay since the terrorism is directed at Syria and Iran, nations hated by Israel). In the 80s, the #1 ally of Israel was apartheid South Africa(and now, Jews use apartheid in the West Bank). Today, the #1 ally of Israel in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia. It's funny. Jews bitch about supremacism, but they even passed atomic secrets to South Africa in the 1980s. And now, Jews side with Saudis, the sponsors of Islamic supremacism. 

It is incredible that one of the most powerful figures in the US is Sheldon Adelson the Jewish supremacist. He made his fortune by robbing people via gambling, a vice industry not unlike narcotics. Adelson is a lot like David Sassoon who made his fortune by addicting countless Chinese to opium. Drugs then, Gambling now. They rake in all the money and use the wealth to promote Jewish Zionist supremacism. 

Anyway, the point is, regardless of one's ideology, we should all respect the rights of others in the US. Whatever one thinks of Richard Spencer or a Jewish supremacist like Alan Dershowitz, no matter how much one may loathe his ideology or political allegiance, one should respect his right of space and the right to be left alone. 
Suppose I loathe Christine Fair as a person or ideologue. If I were to see her at a restaurant, I would leave her alone. That's because I was raised properly with decent manners and code of conduct. 

I would not walk up to Fair and taunt her about her 'supremacist' attitudes of calling for drone strikes on other nations and violation of national sovereignty even if I totally disagreed with her. There is a proper time and place for such discussions. If Fair is, for example, as a pet shop looking for dog-food, the last thing I would do is confront her about her views. 

Now, is it fair to characterize her foreign policy views(that call for drone strikes) as supremacist? In a way, yes, because it is clearly a form of American Supremacism. Who is the US to play judge and jury with the entire world? 
After all, the US is far from a perfect nation. Some blacks in the US say it is a 'white supremacist nation'. Some Palestinians say the US is a Zionist-supremacist nation. So, does that mean another nation should use drone-strikes to attack Americans who are deemed as 'white supremacists' or 'Jewish supremacists'? 
No American would tolerate drone strikes on the US by other nations. 
Suppose China decides that the US invasion of Iraq was illegal and immoral, and therefore decides US 'war-mongers' and hawks should be taken out with drone strikes. Who would support that? 

So, what gives the US the right to use drone-strikes on Pakistan, especially when Pakistan got into its current mess by partnering with the US to support terrorists in Afghanistan against the USSR in the 80s? 
American policy of using drone-strikes is a form of globalist-supremacism and imperialism. It's as if the US is so great-and-good that it has the right to play thumbs up or thumbs down on any nation. It is also hypocritical, of course, because the US would never use drone strikes to defend Palestinians from Zionist imperialists who continue to steal Palestinian land. Under Bush and Obama, the Jewish theft of Palestinian lands continued. And it goes on under Trump: 

When the US used to be controlled by Wasps, many Jews were critical of America's neo-imperialist foreign policy. But now that the US is ruled by Jewish elites, it's as if Jews can't resist the temptation to push whatever buttons to get their way around the world. It's like the encirclement of Russia because Russia regained sovereignty after the globalist looting of its economy by a nexus of Jewish Americans and Jewish-Russians. 

Maybe, the reason why Christine Fair acted the way she did with Spencer isn't much different from the attitude of Jewish settlers in West Bank. West Bank settlers act with Jewish supremacist mentality. They accuse the Arabs of all the evils when, in fact, it is the Jews who are moving into Arab space and throwing their weight around.  These West Bank Jews act like the world exists only to serve them. Such supremacism is arrogant and terrible. 

But sad to say, such attitudes are all too common among Jews. 
Indeed, it is incredible that the biggest funeral in Israel was in honor of a man who said gentiles are cattle and exist only to serve Jews. 

Also, Jews pressured the US to honor a rabbi whose contempt for gentiles is toxic and murderous: 

What I find intriguing is that even secular Jews who claim to have 'liberal' and 'egalitarian' views tend to behave with attitudes not unlike those of religious Jews who believe themselves to be the Chosen people, the ubermensch tribe over all of humanity. 

One of the saddest cases of how Jewish supremacism can work to silence voices involves Steven Salaita. He is a Palestinian-American and was slated to work at the University of Illinois, but rich Jewish-supremacist donors pulled strings to have him fired. 

So, aren't we seeing a pattern here?  Jason Richwine fired because of Jennifer Rubin. Norman Finkelstein(Jew who is critical of Jewish power) fired because of Alan Dershowitz.  Richard Spencer banned from Gym because of Christine Fair's obnoxiousness. Palestinians kicked out of their homes in West Bank because of Zionist imperialists. Steven Salaita fired from University of Illinois because of Jewish donors. And let's not forget Helen Thomas, the much-respected journalist who was fired and blacklisted in her final yrs because she said European-Jewish imperialists in Palestine should return the stolen land to the natives. 

In the end, supremacism is not about labels but about Abuse of Power. And if any group in America currently abuse their power to trample on the basic rights of other peoples, it is the Jews who use American Might against Palestinians and use socio-economic power to destroy certain individuals all across America. 
What's especially disingenuous is that such Jewish supremacist behavior is rationalized in the name of combating supremacism. 
So, even though Spencer violated no rules in the Gym, he is banned because people like Fair accuse him of 'supremacism'.
Likewise, even though Iran has no nukes, it was hit with endless sanctions for the simple reason that Zionists hate Iran. Meanwhile, Israel that bans all international inspections, has 200 nukes, and even passed nuke secrets to apartheid South Africa in the 1980s is showered with $4 billion in aid every year. 

Like the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, it's a duck. If it looks like supremacism, it is supremacism, and the only supremacism that really defines and dominates the US is Jewish supremacism. And it has to stop. It's ugly, repulsive, and atrocious. And some of these Jewish supremacists are so demented that they effectively root for ISIS against the secular modern regime of Syria. They're so fixated on Israel-First-ism that they want ISIS to continue fighting and messing things up to hurt Syria, an ally of Iran, thereby an 'enemy of Israel'. 

I think Jews have gotten so addicted to seeing themselves as holy victims(especially of the Holocaust) that they've become blind to their own evils and supremacist obsessions. It's like Christians long ago got so used to seeing themselves as holy victims(fed to lions under Nero) that they became blind to their supremacist attacks on pagan cultures. And communists got so used to seeing themselves as noble champions of workers against capitalists as class-supremacists that they became blind to their own tyranny and madness. When a people become morally narcissistic, they feel noble even when they act ugly and disgusting. And unsurprisingly, many Jews were once communists and became totally blind to their own kind of ideological supremacism that destroyed so many lives. 

Anyway, people like myself aren't asking for much. We say, let Spencer be Spencer and let Fair be Fair. One may support, hate, or feel neutral about the views of either individual, but, at the very least, one should respect his or her right of space, right to mind his/her own business, and right not to engage with anyone he/she is not interested in. 

It is Fair who violated this rule with an attitude of arrogance, contempt, egomania, and moral narcissism. And before she calls others 'supremacist', she should reconsider her own views on foreign policy that call for US playing Dirty Harry with other nations. And she should examine the power of Jews in the US that has turned into a supremacist cancer, with even LIberal Jews sending their children to serve in the IDF that continue to oppress Palestinians. 

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