Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A. Odysseus Patrick is an Odious Pile of Manure. The Cuck-Roach serves Zionist-Globalist Power.

If Australia didn't cause the problems in the Middle East, why should it be responsible?

US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey are most responsible for the mess.

Now, Turkey has taken in refugees. And US took some in too.  Israel and Saudis refuse to take any but keep messing things up. And US backs the troublesome regimes of those nations.

Australia had NOTHING to do with the mayhem in the Middle East. So, why are Australians responsible? Why are they even taking Christian 'refugees'?

If Australia really wants to be morally responsible, why not publicly condemn the neo-imperialist Zionist-controlled US foreign policy that has led to WWIII-like conditions in the Middle East?  Why not call for a international coalition to oppose, block, and resist the new imperialism emanating from Washington and its lackey states in the Middle East and EU?

And this invocation of Jews and Holocaust is getting dreary. Like it's tiresome to see another national leader smeared as 'new hitler', it's tiresome to see another bunch of suffering folks sanctified as 'new jews'. How many 'new hitlers' and 'new jews' are there?
Yes, during WWII, the world could have done more to save Jews. But today(with great irony), it is globalist Jews who are acting most Nazi-like in fomenting wars and terror all over.  Times have changed.  If any power is the 'new hitler', it is Zionist-globalist power.
After all, if there are 'new jews', they must be victims of 'new hitlers'. So, who are the 'new hitlers'? Globalists tend to be rather mum on that point. They pretend Hussein, Iranian leader, Gaddafi, Assad, or Putin is the 'new hitler', but those men weren't the aggressors who created the mess in the Middle East. The main instigators have been US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Turkey also played a role, especially under unstable Erdogan,  a truly dangerous man, but for some reason, the globalists go easy on him.

During WWII, nations condemned Hitler and Nazi Germany for the chaos and mayhem. And the world joined together to defeat that evil power.
Now, imagine if people back then made a lot of noise about helping refugees created by WWII without ever blaming Hitler, the main instigator of the disaster. That would have been nuts, morally ludicrous.
The best way to help Jews and other victims of Nazism was to condemn Nazi Germany as the source of the problem and work to end the Nazi World Order.

The current moral discourse is akin to "calling for more charity for victims of WWII without condemning Hitler". The recent refugees didn't turn themselves into refugees. No one wants to be a refugee. Indeed, turning people into refugees is a crime.  So, more crucial than helping refugees is preventing people from becoming refugees in the first place.
Why did so many people become refugees? Because the Globalist US(largely steered by Zionist interests and Saudi involvement) made a sorry mess of the Middle East and then even North Africa with hell in Libya. But scum like Odysseus Patrick remain mum on that note.

He is like a hypothetical Nazi toady or apologist during WWII berating the world for not doing enough to help Polish, Jewish, or Russian refugees without ever mentioning the fact that the victims were forced into refugee-status by Nazi German aggression.

When mendacious immoral toadies like Patrick(who serve globalist-imperium) get to preen and sermonize from the bully pulpit, we live in a sick world indeed. It's like having Lindsey Graham as a journalist.

But then, the current globalist order has the US shoeing the Saudis -- the main supporters of Muslim terrorism -- into slots of the UN 'human rights' commission.

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