Wednesday, April 5, 2017

White Privilege?

PC would have us believe that a West Virginian coal miner is more privileged than Fareed Zakaria, the princeling of globalism.  This guy even committed plagiarism --- a huge violation in journalism --- but is allowed to trot around as an expert on everything. Btw, if he loves his people so much, why did he leave them in India and come to US? Why do all these non-whites who bitch about white people choose to depart from their own kind and move to white-majority nations? They must be 'racist' against their own kind. If Zakaria loves diversity so much(and hates the idea of white majority), why didn't he move to North Africa or Latin America where whites are a decisive? Instead, he goes to a white majority nation and then bitches that it's too white. Huh? (And if they came to America for a better life, why use their brains to contribute to an already rich nation when they should be using their brains and talents to help their own poor nations? Is Brain Drain from poor nations a good thing? US is stealing the best minds of other nations.) 

Now, Zakaria is right that white people had certain advantages in the past. But that's still not the same as privilege. Suppose you the white person and a black person are vying for a job where you have to dig for coal 12 hrs a day in dangerous conditions. Suppose you are chosen over the black dude. Now, you have an advantage. But working in dangerous conditions for 12 hrs for a pittance is NOT privilege. Privilege is what Zakaria and people like Bret Stephens enjoyed all their lives, going to elite schools and rubbing shoulders with the best kind of people.  

Also, Trumpism is not about white privilege. Trump himself is very privileged, but his message doesn't appeal to privileged whites but to whites who've been left behind and are routinely sneered at by people like Stephens who has his own privilege and gives middle finger to white working class. Privileged whites have much to gain from diversity and immigration.

After all, if you're a privileged white urbanite, Diversity via more immigration means more Asians and Hispanics to use as buffer between yourself and blacks(who tend to be disproportionately involved in crime). 

White/Jewish liberal elites may profess to love blacks, but Clinton the New Democrat locked up record numbers of black males. Mayor Bloomberg instituted Stop and Frisk mainly to control black crime. Liberal yuppies use gentrification to drive out blacks from NY, SF, Washington DC, and Chicago. Section 8 is sold as 'progressive' integration policy, but it serves urban white/Jewish privilege. It means moving inner-city blacks to suburbs and small towns while the core posh parts of the cities become safer and more white. (And privileged Jews and whites love homos because homos spearheaded the gentrification movement that had the overall effect of attracting more young white professionals that led to skyrocketing real estate prices and then the pushing out of blacks who couldn't pay the rent or afford properties.) 

Since privileged whites need a servant class, they want more Hispanics who are more docile than blacks.  Blacks are muscular, aggressive, and often angry. So, whites are afraid of them(even though they will never admit this since, gee, it sounds 'raaaaacist'.) In contrast, Mexicans are short and do as told. So, privileged white elites prefer to bring in more browns to drive out blacks. If you run a restaurant in some yuppie neighborhood, better to hire a Mexican who says 'si senor' than a black guy who hollers, 'why you accuse me of stealing stuff, mothafucka???!!' He might act like Omar Thorton the beer thief. 

After all, if blue states are so friendly to blacks, how come so many blacks are moving back to GOP-ruled Red States in the South?  Because blue states are totally into globalized economy(that is great only for the elites), and that means people with higher education are favored over all else. Also, these urbanites prefer to hire docile immigrant labor over angry and often criminal black labor.  So, blacks increasingly feel left out of blue states, and they go to the south where there are lots of blacks.  Blacks used to be a major presence in California, but the massive influx of Asians and Hispanics have reduced black presence there. 

It's like what this guy says: 

While immigration is a great boon for educated elite whites, it also means increased competition for working class and middle class(esp lower middle class) whites who come from massive competition and depression of wages. 

Hispanics, who suck in education, pose no threat to white/Jewish elites. They are just the useful servant class to the white elites.

But their impact on labor has a negative scab-like effect on wages, and this hurts the working class. (Also, outsourcing jobs to Mexico and China was a jackpot for the privileged white/Jewish elites. They made a killing on Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and etc.  They could ship factories overseas with weak labor laws and no environmental regulation and rake in great profits. But the white working class lost their jobs and got shafted. It's no wonder that super-privileged whites like Tim Cook and Warren Buffet are for Hillary. It is whites-without-privilege who are supporting Trump. Bret Stephens write for Wall Street Journal, the rag of the super-rich whites and Jews, so he doesn't give a shit about white working class. Indeed, the preening a**hole has the audacity to call white working class folks 'privileged' when all they are asking for is national security and decent wages. It is the privileged globalist whites who have abandoned their own people for super-profits for themselves. Trump's vision of national capitalism is closer to the New Deal of FDR.) 

Anyway, browns or Hispanics pose no threat to the privileged whites who attend top universities. The children of the elites and privileged won't be competing with Pepe Gomez or Felipe Juarez any time soon. They just offer cheap menial labor and wash dishes and pick lettuce. 

Now, Asians do put competition pressures on white elites, but they aren't a long-term challenge. Why? Asians are docile and doglike. They are obedient. Look how they conform to all the PC cliches pushed by elite universities. They cannot think on their own. Ideologically, Asians will just follow the lead of Jewish/white elites. Also, Asian women become the sexual properties of Jewish and white men because they see their own men as inferior in the globalized sexual marketplace. Notice how movies and TV usually show Asian women as sexual properties of non-Asian men while Asian men are presented as gay and geeky. It's like George Takei is promoted as the most prominent Asian male in America. Effete and gay.  So, even though Asians do well in schools, Asian females will be sexually belong to white/Jewish men, and Asian boys will be geeks working at middle management as they are seen as too lacking in charisma and leadership qualities to rise to the top. So, in the end, white/Jewish elites don't see Asians as a threat either. 

Diversity is also useful to the Jewish elites who rule America. (Come on, you know Jews rule America. Don't gimme this, "oh, that is 'antisemitic' shit."  In order for Jews to justify America's imperialist overtures in the Middle East, America must show a human face. Paradoxically, in order for US to smash the Muslim world, it must justify its aggression as a humanitarian exercise. It's like what US did in Vietnam. In order to bomb that nation back to the stone age, it had to pose as the defender and friend of the Vietnamese people. 


But Hillary of the IT TAKES PILLAGE SCHOOL is following the Zionist script. In order for US to justify its invasion of the Muslim world, it has to show a nice face with its invitation of Muslim 'refugees'(who, by the way, only became refugees because of the Zio-US imperialist policies in the Middle East.)

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