Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Privileged Whites/Jews attack and demean un-privileged whites as 'deplorable' to hold the coalition together.

People like Naomi Klein are invoking class issues to explain Hillary’s loss, but we need to look at the race issue.
The main reason why Hillary was loathe to appeal to the ‘deplorables’, Catholic or otherwise, was because they were made out to be the locus of All Evil. Doing so would weaken the KKKrazy Glue.
KKKrazy Glue runs against Rednecks.
Appealing to white working class would turn Rednecks into Redbutts: Whites not as haters and instigators of violence(mainly against blacks) but whites whose butts are sore red from globalist outsourcing and black crime/violence. Blacks kick white butt, so poor whites are more likely to be redbutts than rednecks.
KKKrazy Glue has to vilify Whitey, but which whitey? Obviously, the urban haute riche whites of San Fran, NY, Hollywood, and Hyde Park don’t want it to be them.
If Democrats were still about class issues and Big Labor, rich whites would be blamed most.
But rich whites run both parties. They don’t want the blame. They want to pose as Good Whites who wave the homo flag and Diversity flag and MLK flag even though they are the ones who really enjoy white security and white privilege. Furthermore, a good number of those Good Rich Whites are Jews, and shhhhh about that, as the Wiener of Madmen said.
So, the Bad Whites who must be scapegoated are the Deplorables.
Even though, due to White Death and Black crime, they are now redbutts, we must pretend they are still rednecks.
That is why it is difficult for Democrats to reach out to working class whites.
Their coalition is built on vilifying Whitey. Since rich haute urban whitey don’t want the blame, it has to be shifted to the Deplorables, the unprivileged whites who are accused of ‘white privilege’ by whites and Jews with the Real Power and Privilege.
Libs politics is like a family saying, “my family sucks, but WE rich members are the good redemptive members while our poor under-educated relatives living in trailers are the blacksheep of the family. So, support us and go get them.”
It is Deviouses vs Deplorables.
If the KKKrazy Glue demands that there be the BAD WHITEY, there has to be someone to blame. Since the haute whites/Jews in Hyde Park and Manhattan and San Fran don’t want to be blamed for White Privilege, the blame has fallen on Deplorables.
This is why Democrats cannot reach out to Deplorables.
Howard Dean tried and got blasted by John Edwards.
The fact that Hillary’s side decided to turn an adjective into a noun — the deplorables — goes to show the extent to which adjectology is a strategy of the Prog.
When you don’t have facts(nouns) and numbers(stats on crime and racial differences) on your side, you only have adjectives left to toss around as epithets, warnings, and insults.
So, entire truths and facts are ‘unacceptable’, ‘odious’, or ‘noxious’. Or they are ‘deplorable’.
And heck, why not go all the way and turn an adjective into a noun since adjectives are all they have left .
Not only are you deplorable, but you are A deplorable.
Or say that reality is ‘discredited’. Why? Cuz they pulled that adjective out of the bag.

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