Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Obama is a double traitor

What is most pathetic about Obama is he is a double traitor.
Obama never represented America. He’s a globalist agent. On that score, he is no patriot.
Even so, one could argue he betrayed white America out of loyalty to black America. Then, he would at least be a patriot to black nationalism. But in fact he betrayed both white America and black America. He didn’t do anything for blacks as he was too busy serving Wall Street, promoting homomania, flattering pampered feminists, and stoking endless gender identities.
This explosion of ‘identity’ politics was bound to be threatening to blacks. Before ‘gender identity’ craze, the only identities that mattered were whites, Jews, women, and blacks. Hispanics grew in power, but it’s hard to name one Hispanic spokesman or politician. Asians are even more obscure. But with the rise of homos, things got weird. If it had just been homos, identity politics could have been contained. It would be just one more identity. But homos branded themselves as LGBT(though DFBT is more accurate), and that unleashed endless new letters. Facebook decided there are 50 genders. So, blacks now had to compete with 50, 60, 70, or whatever identities, most of which were totally fantastical. College politics turned into increasing numbers of ‘gender identities’ hogging all the spotlight and calling for ‘safe spaces’. Obama went along with this, and this eclipsed black power. Since both LGBTQXYZ, etc and blacks are on the ‘left’ and since ‘black president’ supported this craze, blacks bit their lips and played along.
The rise of BLM was, in many ways, a reaction to gentrification and gender-ification. Of course, urban Libs and gender-manders claim to support BLM and march together against ‘racist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘misogynistic’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘Islamophobic’, and ‘antisemitic’ whitey — no wonder the MSM have hyped Alt Right as the New Bogeyman for KKKrazy Glue — , but, in fact, BLM targets have mostly been Liberal colleges, Liberal cities, and etc. Blacks are marching and screaming because they are frustrated and angry that the ‘progressive’ movement cares more about the homo ‘rainbow’ than about the black fist. (Of course, we know why. More fun to wave homo flags at prancing fairies than be slammed in the face with a black fist.) White Libs claim to support BLM(something they are really scared to death of) in hope that BLM will go beat up ‘bad whites’ than ‘good whites’, who would be themselves.
Since Obama is a black and a Democrat, blacks have gone easy on him. And Obama, realizing that blacks are really frustrated with him for caring more for homos and illegals, decided to compensate in his last two yrs by throwing a bone at the black community. He thought he could appease them, but it just gave blacks a reason to go nuts all over. BLM got really ugly. If you let homos and trannies do as they please, they bring forth decadence. It is ugly but cities don’t burn and people don’t get killed. But if you let blacks do as they please, it means destruction. Not only ugly but dangerous.
The unspoken fact is blacks really feel cheated by Obama who, in his 8 yrs, spent most of his time sucking up to Zionists, homos, and the immigration lobby.
Take his notion of the Dreamers. The DREAM was a brand that used to be owned by blacks. When MLK spoke of his dream, he meant that the Negro had been denied the American Dream. MLK’s movement was specifically black. The new Dream would be blacks finding their place in America.
But over time, the MLK brand has come to be invoked for everything. Homos invoked MLK to get ‘married’. Trannies invoke MLK to go wee wee in women’s room. Illegals invoke MLK to trespass into America and get all the freebies. And Obama allowed this to happen. And a lot of these Neo-Dreams do nothing for blacks. MLK-ism has been hijacked by other groups.
Obama betrayed both white America and black America. He a fool.
But he don’t care. He’s gonna have over $100 million in a few yrs just from speeches.
Indeed, someone should put up a Obama Money Counter as soon as he leaves office. This counter will add up all the money he will be making by giving speeches to big big donors all over the world.
In contrast to Obama, Putin(whatever his flaws, and there are many) is a real national leader who represents his people and culture. He’s not just some puppet of globalism. Obama is Pit Pat of Globo-Chem.

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