Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Laura Beth Nielson is full of shit. She talks of having a 'conversation', but Oleanna-like-freaks want only a one-way-monologue. That is how PC works.

Watch the video. Nielson says she wants a 'conversation', but what happened at Yale when a professor did have a conversation? 
The PC freaks went crazy. 

The administration called for sensitivity in costumes, and a professor dissented by saying let kids be kids. She was having a conversation. 
But then, some horrible black bitch shouted her husband down. 

Some conversation! 

This is how PC SJW types and black activists act. 

People like Nielson are truly vile. They act so calm and civil and talk of having conversations, but they push agendas that are meant to favor only one side of the discourse. 

Thanks to idiots like her, this is what has become of college debating. 

I'm sure Nielson, a virtue-signaling 'good white' praises such debating style. Of course, her ilk are really full of condescension. They feel, "well, since blacks have been discriminated in the past and are dumb, we should boost their self-esteem by handing out trophies to them even when they act like retards." It's like what Steve Sailer wrote of plaques for blacks. 

The amusing paradox of 21st century of America is white academics keep their privilege by claiming to fight 'white privilege'. I'm sure Nielson feels the same way. You see, she is fighting 'white privilege', and that is why she deserves to have her gig at some prestigious university.
It's like all those gentrifiers in Washington DC who hog all the privilege. They deserve it cuz they are fighting 'white privilege'.
Fighting 'white privilege' really comes down to white/Jewish Liberals with privilege waging class war on poor and working class whites who have no privilege. So, whites with privilege keep their privilege by claiming to fight 'white privilege' while whites without privilege(the working class and lower middle class) lose more of their wealth and position in the name of favoring diversity.  Current Liberalism favors millionaires like John Kerry, Clintons, and the Bushes to working class whites who lose their jobs to overseas free trade and whose wages have been pummeled by mass immigration. 

If Nielson really wants a honest conversation about social issues and race, I offer some below. But of course, idiots like her would be the first to say SHUT DOWN ALL DEBATE BECAUSE WE CAN'T HAVE 'HATE SPEECH'. The likes of her are just full of shit. 

I'll bet Nielson is like the fat broad in the art exhibition in Ghost World who pulls down the painting cuz she can only stand a monologue than a true conversation. She is the type to say "uhhhh, I believe in free speech but not hate speech, and WE get to decide what 'hate speech' is." 

Progs are all full of shit. Just consider University of Chicago and its Hyde Park police state. Why is Hyde Park safe? Because of massive policing against black crime... but you globo-progs don't want to admit  your own 'racism'. 

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