Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jim Crow or Willie Horton. Black brutality against the weaker white race

There is a racial threat. Blacks are stronger and more aggressive and pose a threat to the white race.  Notice how Jews and Liberals who pontificate about 'equality'  and 'diversity' use gentrification, gated communities, zoning, and immigration of Asians/Mexicans(to be used as buffers between themselves and blacks) to segregate themselves from blacks. New  York Times makes a lot of noise about 'justice', but NY Liberals are all about creating safe affluent spaces for themselves apart from black violence.  Jews and affluent Liberals use Gentleman Jim Crow, a soft kind of Jim Crow that defacto spares them contact with black thugs who prey on poorer whites who lack the privilege of higher IQ and connections.  Liberals laugh at  poor white victims of black thuggery.  Liberals claim to care about blacks(and how black lives matter) but they have zero sympathy for poor whites(who are neglected like Palestinians being crushed by Zionists or the 90,000 whites murdered in South Africa since end of Apartheid)being battered by black thugs.  This faux display of compassion for blacks on the part of rich Jews and liberals has the effect of turning black rage and thuggery on poor 'redneck' whites than on Jews and Liberals who really hog most of the privilege of rich cities like NY and San Fran and Seattle.  During the Ferguson fiasco, NYT fanned the flames of black rage in Missouri while quietly using Stop and frisk to control NY Negroes. Also, Urban Liberals are now using Obama to drive out urban blacks to white suburbs so that the rich cities will get whiter while relocated blacks fester in declining suburbs and prey on poorer whites.

Blacks kick white butt in sports & turn white girls to jungle fever. 

White race is getting cucked. 

White girls also grow up to porny Rap music. White boys worship black athletes. 

Jews spew interracial porn everywhere. Millions of black African men flood into Europe to steal white wombs of white women raised on PC and Negrophilia.

The video below(Tom Brokaw on race differences) shows how it is true that the negro is the better warrior. Sports is about warrior abilities.  The kind of black athletic prowess one sees in sports is used to beat up whites all over America and now even Europe.

Honest white Americans must spell this out and call for safe white racial space from black thuggery. White freedom and white male pride cannot coexist with blacks.

Whites have a choice: Jim Crow or Willie Horton. Necessary Evil vs Total Evil. 

Willie Horton overpowered a white man and raped his wife in front of him.  White man is no match for the tougher negro.  Sure, what I say is called 'fear-mongering' but Jews and rich Liberals make their private decisions based on fear of blacks. Liberal Jews in NY do their best to live apart from black thugs and often send kids tom private schools with  only token nice negro blacks(often immigrant than black-American).

Submitting whites to the dominance of black savagery is evil to the core. It is the Detroitization of the West. west will be turned into one big South Africa. 

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