Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Homo Agenda is the proxy of Jewish Globalist Supremacism

Anglo-Zionists have recruited homo-globalists as their main imperialist allies.
Wherever the tentacles of Anglo-Zionism spreads, homo victory marchers follow.
In Old Imperialism, whenever Anglo-Brits conquered new land, they hoisted the British Flag.
In Palestine that became Israel, Zionists hoisted the Jewish Flag. And in the US that has succumbed to Zionist control, Southern Flag is out and Zionist flag is in. It is everywhere.
But it wouldn’t do for Anglo-Zionists to hoist British or American flags in all their globalist-imperial conquests. And it would look pretty stupid to hoist Zionist flags in such places also. If people see American Flags hoisted all over, they will see it as American Imperialism. If they see Zionist flags, they’ll see it as Jewish imperialism.
Also, there will resistance from the Western domestic Left that is prominent in academia and even media. If US conquers new lands and hoists the US victory flag, Western Leftists will cry foul and holler ‘imperialism!’
So, why not hoist the homo-flag to spread Anglo-Zionist Imperialism?
In the de-spiritualized West, the new religion is homomania. Western Leftists and Liberals worship the ‘Gay’ Anus. They see trannies as godly. They think homos, especially Jewish ones, are holy and made of angelic skin. Ahhhh, the Socialism of the Skin. I don’t believe Western Leftists worshiped even Karl Marx, Lenin, or Gramsci as much as they do the holy homo. Why not? Because Western Leftists are hedonistic and vain, and they see the holy homo as more fun and flamboyant than Marxism that was actually quite priggish and spartan about lots of stuff.
Because the Western Left is so much into holy-homomania, their ire can be neutralized if Western Imperialism is wrapped in the homo crusade, aka frusade(fruit crusade). It’s like when the West was Christian, much of the imperialist plunder could be hidden or justified on account of spreading Christianity and God.
Today, much of the destruction and plunder is covered up by holy homomania.
Old Imperialism was justified with the help of Christian missionaries.
New Globo-Imperialism is justified with the help of homo missionfairies.
In a way, the Globalist Imperialists fear the rage and resistance of domestic Western Left more than anything. Domestic Left is rich, powerful, and well-organized in the way that Third World darkies are not. So, in order for Western Imperialism to be successful, the Western Left must be persuaded that it is NOT imperialism but a holy frusade to spread ‘tolerance’ for homos and ‘love’. ‘War is Homo Love’ is the New Orwellianism. And homos are so vain and narcissistic that they are willing partners in this to spread homo-supremacism all over with the help of Anglo-Zionists.
So, it must be seen as a case of Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialism.
Notice how Hillary Clinton praises the Zionist crushing and killing of Palestinians on the basis that Israel has ‘gay pride’ parades but Muslims/Arabs do not.
And even Western Leftists, being so worshipful of homos, go along with this.
In the name of holy homo, any amount of wars and oppression are justified.
This is why whenever we discuss Anglo-Zionism, we need to associate or ass-ociate it with the homo-globo-agenda. We need to tell the world that homos are among the main collaborator-agents of the Western Neo-Imperialism.
Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialists!
Hillary is a servant of Zio-homo-globo-imperialism.
Anyone who knows the truth must realize that Jews are the ruling elites of America. In order to institutionalize Minority Elite Supremacism as the Law of the Land, Jews have promoted homosexuals and even trannies.
Jews figure that if the great majority of Straight Americans will accept the domination of homosexual deviants, then the great majority of Gentiles will be more likely to indefinitely accept the supremacist rule of Jewish Zio-Globalists. The Jewish-Homo Alliance is also the face of Neo-Imperialism.
Jewish-Homo Globalism seeks out homo collaborator agents in every nation and uses them to subvert and undermine national sovereignty and cultural values/authority of the native population. Wherever Zio-American neo-imperialism globalism makes inroads, it plants the Homo Flag as the Victory Flag.
Also, Jews would have us believe that the Nakba(destruction of Palestine) and ongoing Occupation of West Bank are justified simply because Israel has ‘gay pride’ parades while Muslims & Arabs don’t.
And homo agenda is used to support Zionist imperialism.
“‘I’m proud to be an Israeli Arab,’ says Ta’alin Abu Hanna, 21, from Nazareth. ‘If I had been in Palestine or in any other Arab country, I might have been in prison or murdered’”
So, you see, the Nakba and Occupation are now justified on grounds that an Arab freak can parade around as a woman. It doesn’t matter to him or ‘her’ that her entire people have been destroyed and subjugated. All that matters is he/she can have fun as a tranny in Israel
Homo agenda is a cover for neo-globo-Zio-imperialism.
If homos wanna just do fecal penetration and if trannies want to pretend their penises are pooters(or cooters) in their own time and space, that would be fine by me.
But we have entire parades devoted to celebrating fecal penetration among homos as glorious and like the rainbow.
We have the White House lit up in ‘gay’ colors to celebrate homosexuality as wondrous.
We have kids taught in schools that a homo bunghole is as much a sex organ as the vagina.
We have people fired and destroyed if they say they think fecal penetration among homos is ewwwwww.
Fecal penetration is now so promoted that even straight guys demand that women take it up the ass when women have a proper hole for that stuff.
Look, it’s like incest. I’m sure it happens but I don’t think about it cuz it is NOT obsessively glorified and promoted by society. There is no mass incest pride parades or crazed incestomania like there is homomania and transmania, the new religions of our age that even says Jesus died so that homo fecal penetrators could get married. We can’t get away from homomania cuz it’s all over. Americans have been bombarded with homo stuff that they think 25% of Americans are homo. No wonder they support ‘gay marriage’. If so many people are homos, homosexuality isn’t a deviancy but a ‘norm’.
So, I’m just reacting to the maniacal and obsessive movement promoted by the GLOB that deifies homosexuality as the new crusade or frusade, aka fruit-crusade.
Homosexist Supremacism is crime against Moral Freedom, the freedom to be moral & decent and not aid & abet what is gross, foul, wicked, and evil.
The state says you MUST bake the Gay Wedding Cake that associates marriage with the fecal penetration of narcissistic sexual deviants who have the support of globalist imperialists.
Russians must never surrender their Moral Freedom to Homosexist imperialism.
Homosexist Supremacists are not content to have the freedom to indulge in gross, deviant, and foul acts of fecal penetration and mutilating sexual organs for purposes of ‘changing’ sexes.
They want to take away your MORAL FREEDOM to not involve yourself in their degenerate behavior.
So, marriage has been turned into a decadent institution to serve the vanity of homos, women’s restrooms & showers have been turned into place for men with wigs & dresses, and decent bakers must be fined and driven out of business because they refuse to believe that a homo’s fart/poop hole is the equivalent of a woman’s vagina that births life.
Homosexist narcissism isn’t about the freedom to be homo and do homo things. It is about the homos taking away the right of Moral Freedom from those who refuse to see homomania and transmania as healthy moral/cultural developments.
Homosexist narcissists say a man’s fart-hole is no less a sex organ as a vagina.
If that is so, this must be sweet music and shit must be equal to a baby.
Western Establishment is fully on the side of homomania. But worse, homomania is now the ally of Globalist Imperialism. And this doesn’t bother White Liberals one bit. Indeed, Homomania has restored white supremacism of a specious sort. White Liberals and Progressives don’t say “whites are superior to other races”, but by waving the Homo Flag, they say, “we white progressives are the MOST EVOLVED of all the peoples.”
Because homomania makes white ‘progressives’ to be superior to white conservatives, it isn’t nakedly ‘racist’. After all, non-whites who are homomaniacal are also thought to be ‘more evolved’ than apelike white conservatives. But given that homomania is most pronounced in the West, the end-result of the homomaniacal worldview is to see the White West as defacto ‘more evolved’ and superior to the non-West that is either hostile to the homo mania(as black Africa and Muslim world are) or lag behind in fullness of enthsiasm(like East Asia is).
West is no longer about tolerance for homos. I do believe some people are born homosexual, and we should accept this fact. And we should tolerate the fact that some men do fecal penetration and some women have ‘sex’ by grinding hole with hole.
But the homo agenda is no longer about Tolerance. It is about Coercion of making all of us praise, celebrate, and worship homos. If you want wealth and status in the West, you must worship the Homo just like North Koreans must worship Kim and just like Cubans must worship Che and Castro. If you say homosexuality is gross or that you despise homo lifestyle(even as you tolerate it), you will be destroyed. You won’t be send to gulag or shot in the back of your head, but you will lose your job, the media will denounce you, and you will be made a non-person. Homo agenda isn’t about freedom for homos to express their views. It is about silencing those who find homosexuality to be gross or those who oppose stuff like ‘gay marriage’ that would associate the bio-moral foundations of true marriage with sexual deviancy.
And even Conservatism Inc is fully on the side of homomania. But worse, homomania is now the ally of Globalist Imperialism. And this doesn’t bother people at stuff like National Review one bit.
Obama-ism was bound to fail.
Obama ran on gaseous dreams. ‘Post-racial’ America. Vague notions of Hope and Change. Citizen of the World. Fantasy of harmony and a new America. It’s no wonder that his presidency made the biggest difference in homo and tranny issues. It’s all about make-believe. Fake marriage, fake notions of men being women, and etc. A nation cannot run on empty fumes for long.
Obama’s BS fantasy of post-racial harmony and peace only led to BLM lunacy and SJW nuttiness.
SJW are nuts cuz they were raised on fantasy and keeps getting ‘triggered’ by reality that won’t conform to their fairytales.
In foreign policy, Samantha-Power-ism led to hell in Libya and Syria. Powers is the SJW of foreign policy.
From Obama’s fantasy of ‘post-racial America’, we have Trump’s reality of neo-nationalist America.
Nation and its people are REAL. They have real identity and real interests. They have real priorities and needs bound and served by meaningful laws. (Under Obama, the law favors illegals over legals, trannies in woman’s washrooms, and ‘gay marriage’ that is perversion of marriage.) We need to come back to reality after so many yrs of free trade fantasy, open borders fantasy, proposition nation fantasy, save-the-world fantasy, Jews-are-perfect-angels fantasy, and etc. Jewish elites fed us this fantasy because Jews fear the reality of gentile unity and pride, esp that of the majority.
We need to reconnect with the real and emphasize issues that are grounded in reality.
70s and 80s sobered up from 60s era utopianism.
But the stability of 80s, victory in cold war, and economic expansion of 90s made US all decadent again.
The Obama Camelot or Obamalot yrs have been a parody of the 60s.
The 60s, crazy as it was, had some real themes of returning to nature and finding meaning through arts and spiritualism and philosophy.
But the Obama millennial generation has been about cynical hooking-up, soulless sexuality, pornification of society, twerking as national culture, homos and trannies as angels, pride meaning fruits on parade, courage meaning man in a dress, and etc. It was the Sicksties.
Surely, the Obama Era has been the ugliest, most decadent, most degenerate, most ideologically insane(SJW on meth), and most shallow cultural period in US history. Though we can’t blame Obama for what happens in Hollywood and music industry, his presence at the helm encouraged the Libs to come all out to push a sicko culture of excess, trash, cuckiness, and suckiness. It was the Era of Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, and Trigglypuff.
Post-racial fantasy was just that: a fantasy.
We need neo-national reality.
The central contradiction with the globo-Liberal power is that between globo-homos and the rest. Globos and Homos are the ruling elites of so-called ‘progressivism’. Homomania is no longer about tolerance or rights for homos. It is a full-blown religion. Homos and trannies are sacralized into divine figures who must be celebrated and worshiped endlessly. This is why Libs, who claim to disdain religion, are so eager to turn all the Churches into ‘gay havens’. They want churches to exclaim that Jesus died so that men who are into fecal penetration could get married and so that men could lop off penises to get fake vaginas. They want this stuff preached IN the church. Homomania is the new faith.
But the fact is Globos and Homos who yammer so much about equality are all about power and privilege. And they offer little for Blacks and Hispanics. And nothing for white working class. The Right must play on this division. Not by speaking Right points but by vilifying the globo-homo elites as a bunch of greedy, hypocritical, lecherous, and disgusting liars and crooks who’ve taken most of the globalist pie.
Once the Prog coalition cracks up — and we should welcome Black Lives Matter for messing up Liberal colleges and creating havoc in Jew-homo-run cities — , there will be more space for political action.
All Roads Lead to Zion.
If you were name two groups most diametrically opposed to one another, which would they be?
Easy: homos/trannies and Muslims.
Homos/trannies are at the forefront of Western globo-consumerist decadence, and Muslims are defenders of the Old Faith and traditional Near Eastern values.
So, how odd that someone like George Soros is an avid supporter and defender of both. Why? It’d be like funding both Libertarian Capitalists and Radical Communists.
As we should know, homo-tranny agenda is a proxy for Jewish supremacist power. Jews destroy majority power by thrusting homo-tranny agenda all over. It is their battering ram.
If Jews as Jews tried to subvert our societies with Jewish-only issues, people would become aware of the full extent of Jewish power.
So, Jews hide behind homo-tranny power to destroy majority norms and values. That way, we think homos are behind it all when, in fact, Jews are the main funders and leaders of the homo movement.
But then, Jews also use Muslim ‘refugees’ and Mexican illegals to destroy the West. Since Jews don’t have the numerical numbers to undermine Western societies, they promote ‘diversity’ to undermine white identity and interests. Now, homos and Muslims are at the opposite spectrum of ideology and values. But Jews support both groups because both serve to undermine white identity and interests.
Jews use homo-trannies to subvert normal white identity, pride, and righteousness. When straight whites must bend over to homos as the moral superior, there goes white identity and pride.
Once whites have been stripped of pride and identity, they have no defense mechanism left against the Muslim/African invasion that will further undermine white identity and interests.
By making whites surrender to homo minority power, white have lost majority pride and values. Thus, they are rendered helpless against the Muslim tide.
With whites demoralized by homo decadence and Muslim virulence, Jewish elites can then play divide-and-conquer among the confused and conflicted gentiles.
Incidentally, the proto-globlist Jewish oligarchs of the early 20th century funded both libertarian-style capitalism and Marxist revolution. Both were used creatively to undermine white gentile nations. In the end, it was all about Jewish Power and Domination.
It’s like Neocons will work with both homos and Saudis to gain total dominance of the Middle East.
We need the politics of do-ism than say-ism.
Say-ism masks the doings of lots of Americans.
It’s like this.
If someone says “stealing is wrong, and I don’t steal” but steals anyway, he is an anti-theft sayist but a pro-theft do-ist.
So, is he a thief or not? According to say-ism, he isn’t because he doesn’t ‘believe in stealing’. But according to do-ism, he is a thief because he really did steal. He done it.
What one does should trump what one says.
Like the saying goes, ‘action speaks louder than words’. Well, action should speak louder than words, but PC megaphone has turned it around, so we live in a world of ‘words speak louder than action’.
As long one says the Correct words, one can get away with a lot of do-do.
Most urban white Liberals are race-ist in terms of what they DO. But because they SAY all the PC tripe, they pass as ‘anti-racist progressives’. Bernie Sanders became a Vermonter in a state full of affluent white people who practice riches but talk fashionable ‘socialism’.
Stop-and-Frisk in NY was totally race-ist. It was race-conscious in realizing that young black males pose the greatest threat to public peace.
Clinton’s law-and-order policies stole thunder from the GOP because Liberals had to admit blacks were destroying big cities, the bastion of Democratic power.
And Ivy Leagues are totally elitist in what they DO. But because they SAY all the egalitarian crap, they can get away with producing the kinds of sharks and operators who take over Wall Street and rule the world — and spread wars all over.
And US is now imperialist in what it chooses to DO. But because it SAYS stuff about ‘spreading democracy’, it poses as a liberating force.
And US is now in the game of War FOR Terror, creating conditions in Iraq, Liyba, Syria, and Yemen that has been a great boon to terrorists at war with mostly secular governments that Israel hates. But because US SAYS stuff about ‘war on terror’, never mind what it actually DOES.
We need Do-ism. Whenever some Lib or Prog bitches or SAYS something about ‘racism’, we need to expose what they really DO in order to live in privilege, safety, and affluence. It seems even bringing in Somali immigrants is paradoxically race-ist in that northern white states would prefer to have African immigrants(with more traditional values) for diversity than American-born blacks in the Soooooouth or cities like Detroit(who run on fumes of anti-family thug culture).
And despite all the SAYING about US as a democracy, it is a semi-democracy at best, like Iran. Iran has free elections, but the final word is always with the Islamic mullahs.
In the US, we have free elections, but at the end of the day, all politicians and both parties must follow the agendas of a Certain People and their homo allies. We are electing either a cuckeral or a cuckservative who serves the overlords than the people.
Look at recent events in North Carolina. Its democratic process of protecting women in restrooms from men-in-dress has been destroyed by the power of the Certain People and their homo allies. Some democracy.
A semi-democracy at best.
US also says it has given up on old ‘racist’ ideas and is now into abstract universal principles that favors no race, culture, or people.
Then, how come all politicians and prominent figures all prostrate themselves before AIPAC and sing hosannas to how Israel must remain a Jewish state and why US must favor Israeli/Zionist interests over all others despite the fact that US is made up of peoples from other parts of the world, some of which have been hurt badly by Israel?
So, never what America SAYS. Just focus on what it DOES. In the US, universalism is used to deracinate whites so that they will channel their repressed nationalism onto Israel and Zionism. It’s not universalism for universalism’s sake but universalism for Zionist sake.
It’s like Russian Communist Domination essentially turned into Russian Imperialism pressuring vassal states to serve Russia.
It’s like Japanese project of Great Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere was really meant to serve Japanese supremacy.
We need to break out of the shell of Sayism.
But Sayism gets stronger-and-stronger, especially with the growing power of homos and trannies.
Homo/tranny agenda favors fantasy over reality.
If two homo men or homo women SAY they had a child together, we must make believe that they did. Never mind that in what the actually DID, the process involved real sexuality involving female egg and male sperm. If two lesbians wanna pretend that they had the kid together, we must cheer and go along. It’s like Romania under Ceucescu where, if the state said Ceucescu’s wife is a great chemist, everyone had to make believe it’s real.
In the West, if some guy puts on a dress and wears a wig and SAYS he is a woman, we better believe it. We better use ‘she’ instead of ‘he’. Never mind what he still DOES, like wee-wee through his penis. If he SAYS he’s a woman, we must choose fantasy over reality.
And if he gets his penis lopped off and gets a fake vagina, we better believe it is a real vagina. Never mind what he DID. If he says his ‘vagina’ is real, we better believe it.
This is Alice in Wonderland craziness.
In a way, I’m glad the globo-elites have taken up tranny-ism. I wonder what the world thinks when they learn that local governments and businesses are ruined in the US if they don’t accommodate men in dress who say they are girls.
There is also an element of Imperialism of Guilt. If the French feel guilty about what happened to the Jews during the German Occupation, okay and fine.

But that is French Guilt. Why should French push their own guilt on non-Frenchmen who have a different history with Jews?
There was a time when the French forced Catholicism and Croissants on non-whites. Now, they force their own Official Guilt on other people whose history is entirely different from that of the French. Why should French War Guilt that is particular to French history and people be forced on non-French?
Imagine if there are three peoples. A, B, and C. Suppose people A did wrong to people B, and people B did wrong to people C.
So, people A feels guilt in relation to people B. In contrast, people C feel anger at people B.
But suppose people A have power over people C and force them to share in the guilt about people B even though people C didn’t harm people B but, if anything, were harmed by people B.
Globalism spreads the Imperialism of Guilt of the West, especially in relation to Jews and blacks. Because white people have this special guilt about Jews and blacks, it’s like everyone else has to favor that guilt narrative and even share in the guilt.
That said, some Muslims in Europe go too far and even praise the Nazis. It’s funny since Nazis would have despised them too. Also, Muslims are now themselves imperialists since they are barging into Europe and acting like conquerors.

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