Friday, March 17, 2017

Yes, America is an Idea

People on the Right reject the idear that 'America' is an idear.. but I think I will dissent.

I now believe 'America' is an idear.

And because it is an idear, people around the world no longer need to come to America to have 'America' as an idear.
It's like democracy as an idear.  To have democracy, you don't have to come to the US to practice democracy.  You can implement the idear of democracy in your own country.

Idears are portable and transferable.  Idears are not fixed in one place.  It's like some mountain in Tibet is fixed in that place, but Buddhism is an idear, and you don't have to go to Tibet to be a Buddhist. You can be a Buddhist anywhere.  You can even take that idear into outer-space.

So, let us say there is the United States as a fixed nation with its distinct history, heritage, and culture.   It is about power and history within a fixed territory.

In contrast, there is 'America' as an idear, and it is universal and can be transported or transposed to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

So, our message to all the people around the world is that they don't have to come to the United States to partake in the idear of America.

They can have it at home.  And what is this big idear of 'America' they can have in their own home nation?

The American Idear is as follows: pig out on junk food, obsess over video games, twerk, listen to rap, worship black athletes, indulge in hedonism, promote slut culture, celebrate militarism, drink soda and burp, get tattoos  on ass, push interracism, hail Zionism, watch trash TV, break down barrier between mainstream culture(even for kids) and pornography, praise homos and trannies, enforce PC, destabilize national borders, allow mass invasion, cook up hate hoaxes about KKK and neo-nazis, flip oit over micro-aggressions, spread fears of blonde rapists, promote cuck attitudes among the men, declare your folks to be 'exceptional' and 'indispensable', and blame 'Russia' for everything. 

Yes, that is 'America' as an Idear in the Current Year. And any people in any nation can practice those 'idears' and be 'American' without coming to America. 

So, save your money on that plane ticket. 
Just stay in your country and embrace the IDEAR of 'America'.

We should devise a American Idear Kit as universal formula for the world and sell it all over.  Or even hand it out for free.  It'd be like a Chemistry Kit.  Ameristry Kit. 

It'd be like handing out the New Testament or Mormon Book. After all, you don't have to go to Utah to be a Mormon.  You can be a Mormon in Mexico or India. And you don't need to be in the territory of the United States to have your idear of 'America'. 

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