Friday, March 17, 2017

Why do non-whites hate their own kind so much that they prefer to live in white nations while rejecting their own? But even as they choose white nations as destinations, all they do is bitch about whiteness.

“No one–not once in the campaign–ever talked about deporting law-abiding legal residents. So where did people get these deranged ideas? Obviously, from media caricatures. Hispanics are no doubt getting lurid stuff from the Spanish-language press as well.”

It's funny as hell.

All these people make a big deal of their pride of identity and culture. Yet, the WORST prospect they can imagine is being sent back to the homeland of their identity and culture rich in history and heritage.

Now, Trump talked about deporting ILLEGALS(or some of them). So, his policy doesn't apply to Legals.

But I still wonder why the Legals are so afraid of going back to their homeland and living with their own kind. They blame whites for not being ‘welcoming’ enough, but they obviously prefer to live with white people and under white power than with their own kind and under their own kind's rule. These non-whites are very HOSTILE to the idea of returning to their homelands and living with their own kind. Their emotions toward their homeland is one of rejection and revilement.

Even if Trump were to turn truly radical and decided to send ALL non-whites(even legal immigrants) back home, why would these people react with horror? I mean what is so horrible about returning to their homelands and being with their own kinds and practicing their own cultures and speaking their own languages?

Surely they must know that the more they and their kids stay in America or Amnesiarica, they will lose their identity, culture, and language through race-mixing, pop culture, trash TV, and etc. 
If they really care about the pride of their identity and culture, they have much much better chance of preserving it back in their homeland. 
But, they wanna come to white majority nations and just melt in or be digested by Ameri-Globalism.

Now, if some Frenchman was living in Kenya or Thailand, and if the government decided to send him back to France, I don’t think he would react with horror. Okay, he will be in his homeland eating croissants and listening to Piaf. Nothing wrong with that. 

But when non-whites in the West are told that they must return to their homelands, they shriek with horror as if that is the worst thing that can happen. They act like they are being sent to hell. Do they hate their own nation, own race, own culture, own language, own history, and own identity that much? Do they see their homelands as a kind of hell? 

They accuse whites of not being ‘welcoming’ or ‘inclusive’ enough, but they are totally ‘rejecting’ and ‘reviling’ of their own homelands and their own peoples, which they fled to come live with whites and under white rule.

They are closet-white-supremacists because their rejection of their own nation, race, and culture in favor of white-majority and white-ruled nations suggests that they feel whites are superior and run & manage much better societies.
Now, that is objectively true(whites do run better societies), but then, these immigrants pretend like they care so much about their own identity and are so proud of who they are — and some even express much hostility toward whites even as they move to white nations. 
If they are so proud, why do they leave their own homelands and come to live in another nation and why do they raise their kids to take on this new identity and forget the old world? Why do they come to the West where their supposedly proud identities, cultures, and languages will likely be lost in a generation or two through race-mixing and/or globo-assimilation into vapid trash culture revolving around rap, tattoo, piercing, homomania, and political correctness? 

That moronic gold star dad Khan brought his son to America. And sonny joined the US military, sonny went to kill OTHER MUSLIMS, and sonny got killed by OTHER MUSLIMS. Great!!

Some hero dad. The moron just turned his son into a whore mercenary of Zion trained to invade and kill other Muslims.

Anyway, imagine a Mexican who is told to go back to Mexico cuz he’s here illegally. He will scream and wail, “I’m so proud to be Mexican, BUT please don't send me back to Mexico, the worst thing I can think of.” Yes, so proud to be Mexican but so petrified of being sent back to Mexico to be with other Mexicans. 

When illegals are told to go back to their homelands, they react like this:

When they hear, “Illegals must go back”, they hear, “Take him to Detroit”.


Look at all the crazy anti-Trump protests. 

Subconsciously, I think the Proglodytes are really sore because they can’t believe a man like Donald Trump, with the help of ‘deplorable racists’, won the presidency as the champion of the Worker and World Peace.

Hillary was supported by billionaires 20 to 1. She was Goldman Sachs Girl. She called for more New Cold Wars. She called for war in Syria. She was behind the mass murder in Libya and aiding, directly or indirectly, rebranded Alqaeda in Syria. She was the favorite of every crazy hawk in Pentagon.

Trump beat her with positions normally associated with the Left.

That is why they are sore. They just can’t admit it.

I wonder if these morons will ever realize that globalism, mass scab-immigration, and homomania are all agendas pushed by globalist elites.

Someone said ‘nationalism is socialism of fools’ but in fact, ‘socialism(the radical kind) is the nationalism of fools’.

The Communist Empire tried to create a new identity of various ethnic groups based on ideology… and it all broke apart, and each people wanted their own nation.

In fact, socialism(sane kind based on market economics) can only within a closed nation of shared identity and trust. This is why Swedish socialism once worked but is breaking apart as Sweden is filling up with Africans and Muslims.

Social Nationalism is what works in Israel. Destroy nationalism and you destroy socialism too since the masses are too divided to unite against the elite class. That is why elites, esp minority elites, love diversity.

When will the Proglodytes ever figure this out? Too brainwashed by PC.

Social-Nationalism and National Humanism must be the wave of the future.


Proggism is Privilege. It is based on naivete, and naivete can only exist in a bubble separated from reality. And to be inside this bubble is expensive. Once the bubble pops, naivete goes away, and proggism cannot be sustained.

So, the paradox of proggism is you have to enjoy unequal privilege of living inside a bubble to believe in the Cult of Equality that goes against reality.


What ideological attitude really prevails among the elites?


Intellectism isn’t based on race since there are intellectuals and smart people among all races.
But it is biological in the sense the elite institutions and industries tend to draw together people who are naturally smart and industrious. After all, industriousness alone won’t cut it.
A person with 90 IQ can study all he or she wants. Aint gonna make it to MIT or Stanford.
So, Liberal Elite Progs are into HBD but on mental grounds than racial origin.

Now, since the Intellectist environment draws together smart people of all color, these folks may see themselves as beyond ‘atavistic’ biological view of people.
But a community based on smart people is biological in that it pulls together the naturally brainy types of all races. Even with affirmative action, it favors smarter blacks over dumb blacks, smarter browns over dumb browns, etc.

It is no less restrictivist than a race-ist organized community that determines who’s in or who’s out according to race. Only the rules of admission is different.
Some might call it meritocratic, and it is to the extent that even smart people must make an effort to succeed. However, it’s not pure meritocracy since genes predetermine who can and cannot succeed. It’s not just about the means but the genes. It is largely deterministic. Meritocracy works only with those predestined by genes to be smart. Determeritistic.

I think enough Progs will admit that, yes, they do gravitate to communities of smart and successful people. But they are not willing to admit to what extent this is biological. They may focus on values, effort, connections, or etc. that favored some people for entry… which is why NYT keeps on printing its umpteenth piece on some new theory to close the GAP.
Now, it is true enough that some less smart people do get into the higher realm through intermarriage or legacy(like at Harvard that book in George W. Bush).

At any rate, intellectist-organized society is no less discriminatory along brain power.
But its smug ‘progressive’ people ignore that factor and pretend to be ‘inclusive’ because they speak feel-goody rhetoric about ‘doing more’ to make everyone succeed and because they are diverse by drawing in the best and brightest from all groups.

But if all these smarties gravitate together, they will live in their own bubble and become disassociated with their own people except through theory of proggy talk.
White elites become disassociated from white masses, now known as deplorables.

Black elites become disassociated from black masses.
Yellow elites become disassociated from yellow masses.
Brown elites become disassociated from brown masses.
Hindu elites become disassociated from Hindu masses.

In this Coming Apart from the masses and Coming Together as an Elite(increasing interracial elite, like the Rubenstein-Chuas), they turn into a mestizo-mulatto-Chewish super-elite of high IQ-ness.

Sure, these elites, esp the non-white ones, will spout the usual PC cliches about combating ‘white privilege’ in theory and lectures, but in their daily life, they will be sharing in’white privilege’ or globo-privilege like the one enjoyed Fareed Zakaria.

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