Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When Jews bitch about WHITE SUPREMACISM, they really mean you better not oppose JEWISH SUPREMACISM. We Are All "Palestinians"

Washington Post has been serving as Joseph Goebbels of ISIS and Zionist Globalist Supremacism and the War on Russia.

It’s sad how evil this nation has become. But the POWERFUL can do anything.

Obama says what he did in Libya was a ‘mistake’. Yeah, like spilling milk? Oops… sorry… smile.

And even anti-war people often speak of ‘stupid wars’. Well, for the millions who got killed, maimed, or displaced, it was far more serious than ‘stupid’. Stupid is telling a dumb joke. Wars are never stupid. They are tragic even when ‘good’ and downright horrible when evil. And US wars of late have been evil.

Imagine if Japan in 1941 was 10x stronger than US and attacked Pearl Harbor, and there was nothing US could do about it. Suppose Japan just shrugged its shoulders and said, “Whoops, mistake, sorry.” Smile.

US acts like that all over cuz it has the power. No matter what it does, it suffers no repercussions cuz it has the power. It is too big to fail. US carries out Pearl Harbors all over the world, and the world better just suck it up.

Of course, US is so full of itself as an ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation that it is blind to its role as the new nazis around the world waging gratuitous wars that are totally unnecessary except for tribal or military-industrial interests.

And the media? Call it Ministry of Propaganda. They are no better than Joseph Goebbels.

Hopefully, Trump will restore balance to the world that could have been the case after the Cold War in a multi-polar and balanced world than a globalist-supremacist one.

And as US got so involved with overseas adventurism, it has ignored all the problems at home with White Death, Black Decay, Homo decadence, and moral rot.

And the lowlife media. It bitches about how Americans elected a ‘racist, misogynist, and vicious’ candidate. Do these media morons ever look in the mirror? They promoted ugly hateful vicious bigoted rap thug music as the culture of America. Libs in Silicon Valley made tons of money by selling ugly violent videogames. Media gave us the hatefest of UVA rape hoax lunacy. US media fanned all the new anti-Russian hatred for a new cold war. As for ‘misogyny’, just take one look at Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, whore culture, and etc., all promoted by Liberal Hollywood and MTV. Or Vagina Monologues, Pussy Riot, and other freakshows.

Media have been promoting that garbage but bitch about lack of civility and respect for womenfolk. And nothing was more vicious than media campaign against Trump. And then, you got all these Proglodytes rioting, attacking people, burning, and smashing windows like Nazis on Kristallnacht.

Media said it will turn a new leaf. No, it will be same old media BS.

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