Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Victim Complex and Cold Compassion

People who tell lies like these are both victims and perpetrators.

I wouldn’t waste my sympathy on them, but they are brainwashed tools of PC.

It’s like Hitler Youth and Red Guards. Yes, they did terrible things. They were monsters, but they were also dupes and puppets.

It used to be that pulling a fire alarm was a prank. Not funny but a prank.

But these new alarm-pullers are not pranksters. They are real cranksters, but then, who made them that way? Why are so many acting like this? This isn’t an isolated incident. They are all over. All over colleges, all over high schools, all over neighborhoods. And they’ve been enabled and encouraged by the powers-that-be in colleges who either turned a blind eye or exploited the crisis to push an agenda. Even after the KKK hoax was exposed at Oberlin, it was used as a teachable moment. At Mizzou, people got fired while the scumbags were put on a pedestal. This Victim Complex has been promoted by the Powers that be. There is a pattern here, and it’s part of a political mentality, just like the mindset of the Cultural Revolution.

So, it misses the point to focus on this girl. Yes, she deserves to be punished. But blaming her is like blaming a Red Guard without pointing the finger at Mao who gave green light to the madness and orchestrated it through national media and networks. It’s like denouncing the Hitler Youth who attacked a Jewish business without mentioning the Nazi Powers That Be encouraged such mindset and behavior.

Now, unlike Nazi Germany or Maoist China, there is no single all-powerful figure who gave the go-ahead to SJW nuttery. But the nexus of the Powers-that-be from media to academia to government have been encouraging and enabling this kind of crazed SJW mindset in young people and from a young age.

When young children are drummed day in and day out about ‘white privilege’ and ‘white racism’ and etc, then they are gonna grow up thinking that morality is all about Open Hunting Season on White Evil. It’s like once Mao told Red Guards to go look for ‘class enemies’, the youthful nuts were looking for this supposed evil in all corners of society. If they couldn’t find capitalist industrialists, they had to find them somewhere. And soon, they began to hallucinate ‘bourgeois’ evil all over.

Also, the media/academia have been waging war on objectivity and facts. Even the MSM, led by NYT, said it would have to suspend conventional journalist ethics to stop Trump. You see, the man is ‘literally hitler’, so ANYTHING goes.
When it’s a struggle between Good and Evil with nothing in between, then anything is justified in aiding the Good against Evil. After all, wasn’t it justifiable for the Allies to go with the BS narrative on Katyn Massacre in order to defeat Nazism.
Okay, there may be cases where the Evil is so great that we must tolerate necessary evils to defeat the Big Evil.

PC hysteria sees everything in terms of Good vs Hitler. Even STAR WARS is now about Good vs White Evil. If you oppose ‘gay marriage’, even that is GREAT EVIL.
PC sees everything in terms of Manichean struggle. Since there is only Good vs Evil, any lies or fantasies that serve the Good is justified since the Evil is so Evil.
So, this young woman was infected and instilled with this mindset from the Power That Be. After all, journalism schools don’t teach objectivity as a good anymore. It’s all about the Narrative. (This mindset infects the academia as Jonathan Haidt pointed out. So-called Libs don’t merely disagree with Cons but see Cons as evil or at best, retarded. Secular Cons are ‘racist’ and ‘evil’ cuz they believe in biological differences. Therefore, they must be banned. And religious cons are dumb cuz they believe in God. And even when secular cons turn out to be right on racial differences, they must be suppressed because the implications are too terrible.
Things have got so bad that even Nicholas Kristof has gotten to arguing that the echo-chamber has gotten to incestuous in the academia.

Also, history has been retold as a simple story of Good vs Evil. ‘Racism’ was totally evil, purely white, and there was nothing good about it. Jews were always totally good and innocent and never to be blamed for anything. ‘Antisemitism’ was never justified whereas Jews were always justified. The Civil Rights movement was about total good vs total bad with no grey areas. It was MLK as saint vs KKK.
Of course, reality is never this simple, but the Narrative that kids grew up with painted such simple view of history. It’s a comic book view of history.
It’s also worse cuz of fusion of Leftism and Pop Culture. There was a time when Leftism disdained Pop Culture as capitalist, commercial, simple-minded, and stupid. Sure, the Left always saw the usefulness of Pop Culture, but it didn’t care for its vulgarity and crudeness.
But as the Left got more Pop, its vision also became cruder and stupider. It turned morality into a Comic Book of superheroes and villains.
Given that many kids grew up with only Pop Culture and PC, their view of reality is dumber and more simple-minded than leftisms of the past.
In the 50s and 60s, the Left might make a sober movie about evils of ‘racism’ like BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK or TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. In order to fight bigots, one should be dignified and sober. Good People had maturity and integrity, while bigots were filled with sadism, brutality, and ugliness.
But as the Left embraced total vulgarization of culture, their positions got ‘bigoted’ in style. We can see this in Quentin Tarantino’s INGLOROUS BASTERDS and DJANGO UNCHAINED. It’s like the fantasy of Prog rednecks. Vulgar, trashy, and sadistic. It’s not about good guys with dignity fighting brutal bad guys, but good guys acting like KKK thugs and Hollywood Nazis to defeat the bad guys. Nihilism is a big part of SJW culture.

As insufferable and ridiculous as these SJWs of all color are, the fact that hate hoaxes have exploded so much in recent yrs goes to show that it’s been encouraged and given green light by the Powers That Be. And now, with the Powers That Be screaming about Russia Stole the Election, Russia Stole the Election, and etc, it’s just adding more fuel to the fire. The Power-that-be highlighted SJW hype and hysteria, not least after Trump won, uncritically reporting on SPLC claims of explosion of ‘hate crimes’ against Muslims and non-whites. Indeed, the MSM’s cozy relation with SPLC and ADL, two big generators of hate hype and hate hoax, is part of the problem. So often, MSM will refer to SPLC without any disclaimer that the organization is run by sleazy Zionists who’ve raked tons of money by scare-mongering about non-existent KKK. SPLC is the final word, indeed the word of god. It must be true cuz SPLC said it.

But then, the Right isn’t innocent either. The so-called Right’s pandering to lying and duplicitous Neocons has been downright shameful. And let’s not forget all the dirty lies told by Bush I and Bush II to get us into war with Iraq. And then lies about Syria. Most of GOP was attacking Obama for not getting MORE INVOLVED against Assad. And GOP fully endorsed the lies about Russia in Ukraine. This culture of lies in the GOP has meant that every politician must repeat or exaggerate Neocon lies to get a piece of the pie. Consider that worthless Tom Cotton.
This is why Alt Right stands apart. For all its faults(and some craziness), it is the only force out there that is willing to really challenge the Narrative.

This Muslim whore is a piss-ant, but we must admit that the Central Command of the Culture of Lies in America is dominated by Jews, homos, and blacks. Jewish lies about Russia are downright hysterical. And we must fool ourselves that Palestinians and Iranians pose an ‘existential’ threat to Israel when Israel still occupies West Bank and has 300 nukes(to 0 for Iran). And we had to suffer the total BS of BLM that was endorsed by media, academia, and government. And homos told so many lies. Matthew Shepard was just tip of iceberg. Also, the notion that all those homos died of HIV cuz of Reagan!!!

And where were Conservatives against such culture of lies? As fellow worshipers of MLK cult and afraid of being called ‘racist’, they were mum about black lies. As whores of Neocons who promised them more Jewish support and money, Conservatives went along with so many Zionist lies that led to so much misery in the Middle East, Russia, and EU. And since Conservatives suck up to Neocons and since Jews love homos, they were sheepish about taking on homo lies. So, ours became a Culture of Lies.

While all groups have liars and cheats, they are not protected when they pull the alarm or break the law. Calling foul on Chinese espionage in the US, Russian subversion in the US, or Iranian support of terrorism is fair game.
But we must never notice bad behavior and the lies of Jews, blacks, and homos. And since all three are heavily invested in SJW culture and movements, they’ve been able to push their Narrative far and wide without repercussion.

We have to get to the source of this cancer. This Muslim girl is an idiot but just a skin cell. The real malignancy is with other powers.

It’s like Kurosawa said of BAD SLEEP WELL. He said the problem with the film was he didn’t go far enough. He showed some bad guys but not the real big bad guys behind the bad guys.

Focusing on idiots like this girl is like going after individual cancer cells in the body without addressing the core tumor that keeps on spewing out more cancer cells.

There is a nexus of media, academia, finance, and government that sustains the anti-white Hate. From its vantage point(with heavy ethnic slant), the hysteria of SJW is necessary chemotherapy to keep the tumor of white supremacist cancer from growing. If left alone, they believe that White Nationalism will grow bigger and bigger and turn Nazi. So, constant pressure must be put on white society, and SJWs are the chemo that, though sometimes attacking innocent whites, is necessary evil to fight the greater evil. It’s like the US justifies its sanctions that kills many innocents in order to contain the rogue regime of other nations.

But this mania has gotten so out of hand that SJW madness isn’t just attacking far-right tumor but everything deemed ‘normal’. To be sure, such paranoia is understandable in a nation where the minority has gained dominance. Unlike majority power that can be secure and complacent, minority power is always uneasy since it is not natural for the few to control the many. It is not natural for 2% Jews to control gentile society. It is not natural for 2% of homos to control straight society. It is not natural for minority immigrant community to dictate to native society. It is not natural for 13% of blacks to push around majority that isn’t black. So, minority power must always work over-time and over-the-top to beat down the majority. It’s like the Spartan elites were ruthless in their constant attacks on the Helots who outnumbered them. It was to send a message to the Helots that ANY thought of dissent on their part would be crushed totally. So, don’t even think about it. And this is the anti-white, anti-gentile, and anti-straight mindset among the minority elites and coalition.

Of course, there are whites who take part in this madness. Some are just craven opportunists who will do or say anything. They just collaborate with power.

But there’s also the problem of Cold Compassion or Ruthless Morality.
People wonder why Swedes, the descendants of the ruthless Vikings, turned into such sappy do-gooders. But in a way, the cold ruthlessness still remains. The rules have changed, but the heartlessness is the same. The Vikings were single-minded in their cold determination to plunder and loot and pillage. They felt no pity for their victims.
Today’s Progs in Sweden may seem so different as they profess to Care so much. But their commitment to Compassion is Cold as ice. Even though evidence is piling up that their actions are leading to mayhem, disaster, and chaos all over, their are coldly determined to push through this madness with ruthless precision and iron will.
Warm Compassion has limits. While people with warmth might feel sympathy for people around the world, they would also admit to the limits of what Sweden could do, and they would also feel warmth for their fellow Swedes and not try to hurt them. But the icy Cold Compassion of progs in Sweden and Germany is something more than weakness or sappy pity. There is a kind of Teutonic iron determination among Germans to push it through all the way regardless of the harm it may do. It’s like Hitler’s ruthless decision to fight to the end and destroy all of Germany in the bargain. And this cold compassion was also with communists who could kill millions with the cold confidence that anything was justified to serve the cause.
When a German prog says German cities will be majority non-German and that is a ‘good thing’, it’s not about sappy compassion. It is a kind of coldness, a steely commitment to ideology of destruction as redemption. It is pathological, no less than Nazism. It is blind to destruction of people and culture since it is so sure of its rigor and rightness.

And we have such whites in the Prog movement in the US too. While some are craven and some are just sappy, some are ruthless in their cold compassion that is frozen in their dogma of what is correct and necessary. Keith Olbermann’s nuttery is a good example. He is not just some sappy do-goody Lib. He is utterly determined and ruthless in his idea of righteousness, so much in fact that he is coldly blind and unfeeling to all the havoc it may cause.

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