Friday, March 17, 2017

Resist Uglobalism.

Globalism sounds so nice, kind, and generous. 

It is Imperialism with a human face.  Cosmoperialism. 

Globalism sounds so humble. "I'm not a national chauvinist but a humble citizen of the globe." 

But this is really an arrogant outlook. To say "I'm a global citizen" is just a smiley way of saying the "World is my oyster or Oy-ster."

If indeed you're a global citizen, it implies you have a right to enter, penetrate, manipulate, change, alter, subvert, and loot any nation.  Your power and ambition aren't limited to your own nation but the entire world.  So, the 'profound humility' of global citizenship is really a disingenuous trick of hiding its supreme arrogance. 

Also, global citizenship sounds like your nation is open to all the world.  But the elites are surely less affected by massive demographic changes than the hoi polloi are.  The hoi polloi don't have fortune and privilege. They cannot stay above and be aloof of the changes like Obama or Blair or Cameron or Merkel. They get drowned in the tide. They are not on the cruiseship, the Titanic. They don't have the ticket on the Globalist Ark as the demographic tides flood into every nation.  For many of the hoi polloi, the collective possession of the land as their homeland is all they have. 
Compare Palestinian elites and Palestinian hoi polloi.  The Zionist tide in early 20th century didn't bother the Palestinian elites. It was an opportunity for them to enrich themselves. They sold their lands to Jews at good prices and enjoyed good easy life as 'globalist citizens' with enough money to travel and settle anywhere in the world. In contrast, the Palestinian hoi polloi just had a sense of living on the land of their forebears. When Jews came to take the land, they had NOTHING left.  They lost everything, even the blood and soil bond to the land. 

So, globalism is, on the one hand, an elite traitor-imperialism against its own people. Just like Palestinian elites sold their own people for 3o pieces of silver, we see the same behavior all over the world.  Blair and Merkel got theirs.  What do they care if the hoi polloi lose everything? 

But globalism is also a means to penetrate, dominate, and change other nations. 
All this 'welcome Muslims' stuff by the US elites is the admission price for the US to interfere, invade, and transform the Middle East.  By taking in Muslim immigrants and 'refugees', US creates an impression of happy hospitality to the Muslim world. But that is just part of the give-and-take.  We offer haven to some Muslims as publicity stunt, but that only gives US the chance to drop bombs, use drones, send agents, use proxies to destroy nations like Iraq, Libya, and Syria in the name of 'human rights' and globalist values. (Those 'refugees' are settled not where the elites live but where white working class live. It's like the Vietnamese refugees were resettled in Texas where they competed with white working class fishermen.)

Globalism destroys national sovereignty and values all over. What is the price for Vietnam to win some trade deals? Viets must betray their own values and culture and allow their cities to be taken over by freako homo 'pride' parades. Did Viets sacrifice millions of lives to win independence to cave to sick US demands to spread homomania that is really a proxy tool of Zio-Globalists? 

Also,  I find the notion of globalist citizen to be conceited to the max.  The world has over 200 nations with so many different languages, customs, cultures, traditions, values, histories, and etc. 
To get to know one culture is challenging enough.  So, who is anyone to claim that he understands and loves the world?  I mean what does he know about the history and culture of other nations and peoples?  If he doesn't know, who is he to claim to be a citizen of the globe? 

I don't know much about the particulars of Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America., etc.   I don't belong to them, and they don't belong to me. 
I respect all such nations and so on. But I don't know them, so it would be preposterous and pompous for me to say that I belong to that part of the world just as much as I belong to mine. 
Even Obama, who went from place to place, only knew Hawaii, Indonesia, and US. He visited Kenya for a spell but not for long. He didn't travel to or study 200 nations around the world. So who is he to say he belongs to the world(most of which he has no clue about). 

Of course, when a globalist says he belongs to the world, it is really a sly way of implying that the world belongs to him. That is George Soros' view of the world. The world exists for the likes of him to rig, game, toy with, manipulate, exploit, and etc.  Sure, he acts like smiley Yoda, a friend to all races, cultures, and nations, but his globalism is just one big swindle to enrich himself and take sadistic pleasure in havocs he creates around the world. He is no better than a dog-fighter who pits different dogs together.  In the name of 'dog diversity'? 

Rip off the 'human face' of Globalism and it is Uglobalism. It is ugly.  We went from Ugly American to Uglobalists. 

Anyway, the globalists desecrate the past heroes of white America today, but they have their eyes set on targets all over the world. But by spreading homomania in every nation, Uglobalists are setting the ground to defame and defile heroes of other nations because, after all, most historical heroes, most cultures, most religions, most values, and most customs are not about equating marriage with homo fecal penetration or tranny penis-chopping and celebrating freaks who do such with massive 'pride' parades.  So, all heroes and customs around the world are defamed as 'homophobic'. Indeed, the UN is already a tool of homomania or homo-imperialism or homperialism. 

Look how Japan is now under great pressure to have 'gay marriage'. It already has massive homo parades.  It even spread to Muslim Turkey though it was shut down this year cuz of threat of violence by nationalists and Islamists.   Globalism is Jewish-Homo Imperialism.  It comes with a smile but eventually resorts to guns and weapons to destroy other nations. 

In the US, you better go along with homomania or the STATE will destroy you. 
You won't bake a 'gay wedding cake'?   State will fine you and shut your business down. If  you won't pay the fine and try to open your business, the state will send goons with guns to lock you up.  That is globalism. Comes with a smile but has a knife hidden behind its back. 
Uglobalists talk of 'rights' but it's all about MIGHT.  
So, read the fine print before you sign onto globalism.  

It comes with short-term goodies but then you discover you'v signed onto obligations like you won't believe.  It's like the story of Hansel and Gretel. 
Russians sure found out in the 90s. 
And look what globalism is doing to  Russia for its having canceled the contract. 
A new cold war that is ruthless, relentless, hysterical, and vicious. 

All those smiley-faced globalists who came in the 90s are now recommending that Russia be destroyed totally for not bending over to homo 'pride' and pussy riot. 

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