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Chris Hedges and America

—-Chris Hedges in Death of the Liberal Class [2010] argues that:
… “the failure of the liberal class to confront the rise of the corporate state and the consequences of a liberalism that has become profoundly bankrupted.”—-
But Hedges is also in denial. Many of his critique of late capitalism is spot on, and I agree with his denunciation of what he calls the empire of illusion. We are living in some kind of perverted mickey mouse fantasy land where reality meets fantasy.
But Hedges is also living in a kind of fantasy, one built on PC. He won’t challenge the real shibboleths of American Power, namely that there is an ethnic component to this problem. Jews aren’t merely rich people acting like ‘rich a-holes’. They are rich people using their power for tribal interests. Now, Jews acting tribally is fine as long as whites are allowed to act tribally too. But Jews defend their interests and identity but excoriate whites for expressing any identity or interest. Worse, Jews keep fanning anti-white flames among non-whites.
Also, Hedges is too wedded to radical cliches to realize that they are just as idiotic as Pop Culture fantasies. Good for him to tear apart something like 50 SHADES OF GREY, a vapid celebration of wealth, power, and obsession with privilege. But what was his healthy alternative for a better future?
Yep, you guessed it:
Hedges is so deeply into radical PC that he is clueless that he essentially trolled himself. I mean what worse sexual torture can one think of than Andrea Dworkin?
50 Shades of Grey is Mister Rogers compared to Andrea the Giant.
Hedges is right that the Democratic Party now serves the globo-capitalist elite.
He is right that our pop culture is about excessive narcissism, hedonism, escapism, trashism, infantilism, and etc.
But he won’t attack homomania that is the center of this idiocy. He won’t admit that the elites pushed homomania as the new ‘progressivism’ to turn the Left into a joke, more a fashion show and faddish cult than a serious movement about basic problems facing most middle class and working class folks.
Now, I can understand Progressives championing tolerance for homos and allowing homo individuals to pursue careers. If a homo is a fine accountant or engineer, why not let him do his job?
BUT, homosexuality can never be of EQUAL value with real sex, and notions such as ‘marriage equality’ opens the pandora’s box to all sorts of inanities and insanities.
I mean if homo fecal penetration is basis for marriage, then just about any freak can make any demands on the name of equality.
After ‘gay marriage’, there is no moral defense against polygamy or ‘incest marriage’. Such aren’t yet laws of the land, but if we follow the logic of ‘marriage equality’, anything goes. If homos should ‘marry’ on the basis of their idea of ‘love’, then why not mother and son or father and daughter and homo father and homo son?
Also, if homosexuality is just as good as real sexuality and if trans-sexualism is also great cuz of its alliance with homos, then so are 50 or 100 other ‘genders’. Doesn’t Hedge see how homomania is related to the Empire of Illusion? We now have ‘progressives’ in colleges bitching and whining endlessly about how having green hair and tattoo on their ass makes them a ‘ze’ than a ‘he’ or ‘she’.
In a real and normal world, we should acknowledge some people are born homo and accept them as such. But we should not turn praise of homos into some kind of pomo-homo-religion.
Also, Leftism used to be about hard men and women facing hard times and having the guts to take on hard tasks for a better future. Grapes of Wrath is not about Fruits(homos) of Frivolity.
But once proggism was taught to EVERY kid in America, even coddled privileged upper middle class and elite kids grew up with precious ‘victim’ mentality. Even though they had easy lives and all the privilege, they grew up wanting to be ‘victims’. So, every snowflake in college doesn’t want to be ‘triggered’ by uh.. ‘micro-aggressions’.
Leftism used to be about workers with rough hands from real work in factory or on the farm. Now, it’s about fragile emotions and chipped fingernails of spoiled brats and pampered twits like Emma Sulkowicz, Lena Dunham, fat blowhard on Young Turk, Black Lives Matter lesbians(who have no understanding of reality), and men in dress who wanna wee wee in women’s room.
But Hedges won’t touch on any of this.
Also, Hedges overly idealizes the People. Yes, many people are suffering from White Death and Black Decay and all sorts of decadence, but a lot of people brought it upon themselves with excessive hedonism, narcissism, individualism, and infantilism. Granted, the elites made it worse by feeding garbage to the people via TV and movies and music, but there is moral corruption at every level of society.
During the Great Depression, times were much tougher with far fewer safety nets, but people were stronger and had moral fiber. But look all around, and the problem of a lot of people is excess, not lack. Even among the poor, their main obsessions are hair weaves. It’s like that black woman in Milwaukee saying it’s better to burn stores in suburbs cuz they need their hair weaves. I mean WTF.
Trump is right that the working class did get the shaft. But watch the documentary COUNTRY BOYS, and there is something really wrong with white working class and underclass. They are lazy, unmotivated, and have a millions excuses for messing up.
They’d rather get ass tattoos than some learning.
Americans were far less educated in the 19th century, but country boys back then walked miles to get to school to learn the basics. Now, a lot of students don’t even bother to learn when school buses pick them up.
Where the elites have failed is in their refusal to lead. But then, in Jewish-controlled America, the notion of white elites caring about and leading white masses is just a no-no. Sounds too much like National Socialism.
Hedges, like Gore Vidal, is a much better critic of the rich and privileged than an expert of the American People. Vidal wasn’t born rich but he had rich connections, and he knew the ins-and-outs of how the elites thought and operated. He has no illusions about how devious and nasty they could be. But he knew nothing about the people. They were a mere abstraction for him, and he was pro-people in ideology without having any knowledge of them realistically. Also, being pro-people was an easy way for him to gain advantage credits since he wasn’t born with lots of money like others in the rich class. It’s like the Tom character in METROPOLITAN. He is born into elite class culturally but lacks the means financially. So, his crutch is ‘socialism’.
I think Hedges is the same way. He attended elite schools with kids with far more money and connections. He watched them with envy and resentment. He knows their world, and he finds people like George W. Bush just awful: entitled, spoiled, and shallow. So far so good. But he has no real understanding of people since his formative experiences were with the rich. Later in life, surely he went to poor towns and troubled nations and reported on problems. But he always saw that reality through the formative prism of ‘corrupt elite vs everyone else’, and his sense of ennoblement is premised on self-image as champion of the suffering oppressed masses.
But real folks like us, who’ve had contact with the underclass all our lives, have no illusions about the People. They are as corrupt, if not more so, than the elites. It’s just that they don’t have the power or means to rob tons via Wall Street or cook up BS to invade other nations.
Now, religions are useful in this sense. The concept of sin says moral corruption is in all our hearts. Sure, the rich and powerful can exploit religion as ‘opiate for the masses’, but if used properly, religions or moral philosophy can be a sobering medicine for the people. Unlike leftist ideology that says, “bring down the evil elites, and we will have kingdom of heaven on earth”, religions teach that Sin is in the hearts of each and every person. Each of us, rich or poor, have the seven deadly sins that make us eat too much, covet too much, get ass tattoos, refer to women as ‘cu*buckets’, or stare into the mirror all day with fake eyelashes and lipsticks. We are our own worst enemies. Look at rappers in ghetto. They be yapping about how the white man got all the goodies, but whenever some rappers makes some money, all he cares about gold bling, lotsa ho’s, mansions and swimming pools, vanity, and materialism like Tony Montana of Scarface.
When Jesus was tempted by Satan, He owned nothing. Yet, He felt the temptation of wealth and power even in His poverty-stricken state. In other words, rich or poor, our hearts are tempted by same sins. NO wonder that whenever a revolution heralds a new era, the new boss is hardly better than the old boss. So, it’s not just about good poor folks vs bad rich folks. It is about moral corruption in the heart of anyone.
The problem with Hedgian ideology is ALL THE BLAME is placed on elites and capitalist. Yes, they do a lot of bad things.
But the people must learn to realize that their own hearts are tempted by rot, evil, and wickedness. Getting an ass tattoo may not blow up the world, but it is trashy. It is an act of perversity, narcissism(of the most twisted kind as what is beautiful about a picture of a skull on one’s ass?), stupidity, infantility.
So, if poor folks don’t wanted to be exploited and manipulated by scum suckers like Jerry Springer and Hollywood and others, they need to wake up and grow up and etc.
But Hedges just sees the people as victims without agency. And the ONLY kind of agency he believes in is the politics of demento rage that does no good. He supports nonsense movements like BLM that is founded on lies.
In fact, Blacks are dying because too many blacks are nuts with guns. Black problem is that too many blacks holler ‘Black Lives Matter’ from one side of the mouth while hollering ‘Die Ni**a Die’ from the other side of the mouth as they blaze away with their guns in crazy gang wars.
“The “ALT-RIGHT” movement is a violent reaction to the excesses of LIBERALISM. It places a favorable emphasis on ultra-nationalism, white supremacism, Islamophobia, antifeminism, homophobia, antisemitism, ethno-nationalism, right-wing populism, nativism, traditionalism and reactionism.”
I don’t think you are understanding the real appeal of Alt Right. True, Alt Right has certain ideological leanings. But its real appeal is lack of PC and lack of dog-whistling.
Outside Alt Right, it’s all PC or dog-whistling.
Gentrification, we know, is really about pushing blacks out of cities.
We know about the Wall Around Hyde Park. It’s all about race — blacks are stronger and more aggressive, therefore more thuggish — , but Libs pretend otherwise.
When Jews denounce ‘white supremacism’, they really mean white identity is obstacle to whites supporting Jewish Supremacism.
We know ‘rape culture’ is all about driving a wedge between unity of white men and white women. After all, top rapists are blacks, not white men, but ‘rape culture’ hysteria is always about white males raping women. Rape culture freaks out about Haven Monahans like BIRTH OF A NATION freaked out about black rapists(who were more likely).
Neocons, Libs, traditional Conservatives, Christian Libs and Cons, Mormons, the Left, the Far Left, blacks, and etc. are all full of PC, hypocrisy, and dog-whistling. Regardless of their position, they are not capable of carrying out a HONEST conversation about identity and interests. The so-called ‘Left’ and non-whites resort to same old same old KKKrazy Glue and pretend whites or white males are responsible for all problems.
And Cons and Libertarians pretend ‘liberty’ and ‘constitution’ are panacea for everything.
Behind all such talk are issues of race and ethnic interests. But they pretend otherwise.
But Alt Right is willing to speak honestly and put everything on the table. It doesn’t dogwhistle about race or Jews because it wants an honest debate.
This is where Alt Right is different from Trump. When Trump says ‘globalists’, he could be meaning ‘Jewish elites’… but then, Stephen Miller his speechwriter is Jewish, so maybe not. Or, maybe Miller is paradoxically trying to appropriate ‘antisemitism’ to make it pro-semitic. Have Trump talk like a dog-whistling ‘antisemite’ while supporting Israel and bashing Muslims. Thus, talk of ‘globalism’ goes from hostility toward Jews to support of Jews.
But Alt Right is different cuz it talks about race and ethnicity and different interests.
And it scoffs at all taboos on the matter.
By the way, I don’t think Alt Right had much to do with Trump’s success. Most Trump voters never heard of Spencer or Alt Right. They were voting on the basis of “it’s the economy, stupid”. Also, they are not asking for pro-white policies that favor whites over others. They are just asking for policies that aren’t anti-white and esp not anti-white-working-class.
Alt Right votes for Trump was what? Maybe 5% if that. I think less. Alt Right got a boost because the media wanted to smear Trump via association, but it only made Alt Right look funny and trollish cuz they played with frog memes.

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